Tesla FSD Beta 10.12: Elon Musk explains new update features, now debug issues



Tesla will soon bring an update for the fully autonomous driving beta with version 10.12, and it brings a handful of unique features that will change the current FSD neural network. The new FSD Beta version offers new maneuvers with the electric vehicle, especially in heavy traffic situations, Elon Musk assuring that this will happen soon.

Tesla FSD Beta v10.12: new updates coming next week

Whole Mars Catalog said it is make tabs on the many features that the Tesla FSD beta update now offers to all its users and stakeholders. The blog account noted that nearly every feature in the FSD beta is “zero takeover,” meaning it’s primarily focused on bringing the autonomous driving system to the enterprise.

Here Elon Musk responded and said that the next update because FSD is coming next week, and that would be Wednesday May 11th or Thursday May 12th. However, the CEO has not confirmed any date for this, as it is only an approximation made by the CEO.

Tesla’s FSD v10.12 sees a challenge in debugging the system to make it public and focus on a bug-free system.

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Elon Musk brings beta FSD 10.12 specs

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In the same tweet, Musk revealed to the public the specifications for the v10.12 update, the latest version of the FSD beta.

One of them is the application of its new features that the company aims to bring to all neural networks. It focuses on surround video and offers an output for its “unified vector space for control code”.

The FSD Beta 10.12 also comes with more complex integration for navigating its EVs during heavy traffic situations, especially at intersections.

Tesla’s FSD offers

Towards the end of April, Elon Musk revealed that there would be new offers from the Tesla FSD, and that they would come for all beta subscribers of the famous system. However, the tech CEO clarified that there would be levels of getting the feature for everyone, as it wouldn’t be as broad a release as thought for these new offerings from the automaker.

There’s a new feature coming from the company, and that’s with the robotaxis which will feature no steering wheel for any side of the car, giving a fully autonomous system for all. Of course, it would adopt all FSD features and receive the latest updates for the clean energy vehicle which will bring a driverless system.

The company has also updated its battery lineup as new car models bring new power cells that move away from the usual lithium-ion configuration, aimed at greater electric vehicle use.

Elon Musk and Tesla are building a massive business for the clean energy company, and it’s all about the company’s many offerings, from the car’s hardware to its software and systems. The FSD builds something from the beta version, and despite the many features it already brings, the public is now waiting for its full release for the game.

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