Port SA CEO Discusses Features of Tech Port Center + Arena Ahead of First Concert



SAN ANTONIO – Port San Antonio is one of the Alamo City’s technology hubs and over the past year the port has built a state-of-the-art facility – the Tech Port Center + Arena.

On May 2, the first official concert will take place at the new Port Technology Center with the Smashing Pumpkins as the main performer.

Port SA President and CEO Jim Perschbach joined Leading SA on Sunday to talk about the momentous occasion and what it means for San Antonio.

“Four years ago we got up at a room lunch downtown, we said we were going to build a center that would connect people and show off the great things we’re doing in San Antonio. And, you know, four years later, here we are. If the building had been built and it was a little over a year ago, we started putting up the walls,” Perschbach said.

It is exciting for entertainment and tourism. Plus, it’s able to showcase what the city of Alamo has to offer, according to Perschbach.

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“The first thing he does is he really gives us a platform to show off what we do well in San Antonio by bringing people in and seeing all the activity that’s going on on this campus. The second thing, and a part that we’re really excited about, the whole model is that the concerts, the food and drink, the bar we have there, are going to fund the programming through the San Antonio Science Museum and Technology, through what we call the Kelly Heritage Foundation, to honor the legacy of Kelly Air Force Base. So be sure to come, buy a ticket to any of these shows, because you’re directly funding educational opportunities for children across our region,” said Perschbach.

The Tech Port Center + Arena is a $70 million project. It is an intimate arena containing around 3200 people. It is dubbed the most technologically advanced entertainment venue in the world, attracting some of such big names as The Smashing Pumpkins.

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“The thing we like to talk about is the Tesla music coils on the side, which shoot sparks, you know, tens of feet away and play music. But it’s the ability to stream to virtually any stream you want to have for hosting gaming tournaments. We’re going to host the first ‘Overwatch’ competition in two years here next Friday to stream, record and do pretty much anything you’d want to do in an arena, we can do it in-house,” Perschbach said.

This openness may also have huge implications for the future of education in and around San Antonio, Perschbach said.

“More than 60,000 children have passed through the San Antonio Science and Technology Museum over the past four years, and that in a tiny space. In July, when the new space opens with the robots and the flight simulators and all the excitement, we hope to have 100,000 to 150,000 children. And our goal is that 1% of those kids will be inspired enough to follow the kinds of programs offered by SAMSAT, whether it’s cyber programs, rocket programs for robotics, or computer programs. And if we do that and create a pathway for 1,500 young people a year to prepare for entrepreneurship, for employment, for college, then we think we’re doing something really special for the community. “said Perschbach. mentioned.

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You can watch Leading SA’s full interview with Perschbach in the video player above.

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