She-Hulk Poster Features Real Phone Number Fans Can Call



Marvel Studios has released a new poster for its upcoming series She-Hulk: Lawyer featuring Tatiana Maslany at San Diego Comic-Con. The poster was handed out in gift bags to visitors to the Disney+ booth and features She-Hulk in all her green glory. The poster boasts at the top, “Super heroes need a super lawyer!” At the bottom of the poster, it is written: “I turn green, then you turn green.” The poster also encourages fans to call 1-877-SHE-HULK.

By dialing this hotline, callers will be connected to a hidden audio message from the “GLK&H Superhero Law Division”. Upon dialing the number, fans are greeted by both Maslany’s Jennifer Walters and another person, and the two appear to be repeating the law firm’s actual voicemail message.


Walters greets the caller, saying, “Hello, you’ve reached the Superhero Legal Division at GLK&H.” However, the unknown voice said, “Okay, this time save it as She-Hulk.” To which we hear Walters say, “What? You know they can’t see me, right? Uh, okay, whatever. And then we hear her transform as she resumes: “Your call is very important to us. Our associates are not available to take your call at this time, but please stay connected to learn more about our services at GLK&H. »

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The recorded message further delves into various superhero activities, which fans have long wondered about. Walter says, “Were you fined several thousand dollars for the damage done to the town you were trying to protect? Did you accidentally create a sentient robot that felt and tried to destroy the world? Maybe you’re an Asgardian god who leaves a giant burning footprint on private property every time you come to Earth.

Responding to which the Unknown Voice said, “Whoop, whoop! I know who she’s talking about. Well, like the Unknown Voice, fans also know who Walters is talking about. The message continues: “We’re here for you. Our associates of GLK&H’s Superhuman Rights Division will fight for your right to fight for the rights of all others, because that’s what it’s all about. But don’t take my word for it, here are some testimonials from our satisfied customers. And–and then, that’s where we include a customer, isn’t it?” Maslany called the series “the antithesis of most superhero stories,” and this new message certainly aligns with it.

She-Hulk will debut August 17 on Disney+. Check out the full recorded message below:

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