You can finally record your positive RAT in the Service NSW app, here’s how



Changes were made to testing requirements in New South Wales earlier this month, allowing individuals to have their COVID positive status confirmed by performing a rapid antigen test (RAT), instead of PCR, for relieve pressure on state testing clinics.

Until this morning, there was no way to record that you had tested positive for COVID via a RAT, but the Service NSW app has now pushed the feature live.

Just to repeat, most people no longer need a PCR test to confirm they have COVID-19. This means that people who have been exposed or are showing symptoms can take a rapid antigen test – if they can find them.

If you test positive on a RAT, you are a confirmed case of COVID-19.

If you test positive for COVID-19 using a RAT, you should record your result in the Service NSW app as soon as possible. It’s an honesty system, so do the right thing and don’t leave your house if you’re positive. There is also the part where disclosing your positive status to NSW Health means that you will receive advice on how to manage your symptoms and what to do if they are too severe.

At the time of writing, there were 501,200 active cases of COVID-19 in NSW. With the delay in RAT statements, that figure should be a drastic understatement.

How to register your positive RAT via NSW Service

When opening the Service NSW app for the first time since the feature went live, you will be prompted to see a pop-up window which will linger in a way. Close the app and relaunch it if you can’t override it. Now you can begin.

  1. On the NSW Service app home page, scroll down a bit to COVID-19 Resources
  2. Scroll the Latest updates (after reading them) until Record a positive test result
  3. The app will then open your default web browser to a page titled Record a positive rapid antigen test result
  4. As you arrived on this page through the Service NSW app, you have a MyServiceNSW account, so select it Red button
  5. Enter your e-mail address and confirm that you are not a robot
  6. Then enter your the password
  7. Another page titled Record a positive rapid antigen test result will appear, with the option to select for whom you are recording a positive result (yourself, another adult or a child)
  8. You then check the declaration box and another box confirming that you did not make a misleading statement
  9. Enter the positive test result date
  10. Fill in the details of the person tested positive
  11. Provide your phone number Where e-mail address
  12. Responnse Yes Where no health questions about the person who tested positive
  13. Complete the declaration
  14. Then submit your information.

What if you don’t have the NSW Service app?

While not having the NSW service makes checking in at literally any location in NSW an absolute punishment, you don’t have to have the app. If you do not have the app, you can still register your positive RAT result with Service NSW, only through the Internet.

NSW RAT Service
  1. First, head to the Record a positive rapid antigen test result website
  2. Click the red button that reads Record a positive result
  3. Follow the steps in the previous section.

Please note that you cannot record your positive result at an NSW service center. To do. Not. Let. Your. Homepage.

What do you do now that you’ve registered your RAT?

Under orders from NSW Health, you must immediately self-isolate for 7 days from the day you tested positive using the RAT. NSW Health has information on self-isolation here and how to safely manage COVID-19 at home as well.

Do you still need a PCR test?

No. yet, there are a handful of people who do.

Brave the queue for a PCR test if you are: more than 20 weeks pregnant, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, unvaccinated, 16 years of age or older, immunocompromised, requested by a licensed physician (such as your GP ) or if you are a worker, resident, patient or client in a high-risk setting where there is no confirmed outbreak

What does NSW Service do with my RAT data?

Information submitted to Service NSW is stored securely and in accordance with the privacy laws of the Governments of Australia and NSW. Data is for use by authorized service personnel of Service NSW and NSW Health. Regulators or your employer do not have access to any customer or health details.

Similar to your QR code verification data, Service NSW advises that any information transferred to NSW Health regarding your RAT result may be retained for more than 28 days in accordance with public health orders.

Stay safe there, guys.

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