Yeedi vac 2 series robot vacuums offer premium features at an affordable price


Yeedi’s robot cleaners take the effort out of keeping your home fresh. They vacuum up dust, clean your floors, and return to their charging station when they run out of battery.

After a brief setup, you can turn them on, and with the yeedi vac 2’s auto-empty station (sold separately), these robot vacuums can run for up to a month before you need to empty the bin.

There are two models in yeedi’s second generation lineup, the yeedi vac 2 and the yeedi vac 2 pro. We’ll look at what separates them shortly, but let’s start with the features offered by the two robot cleaners.

One of the highlights is that it’s not just about robot vacuums. They combine classic automatic vacuuming with a mopping function, and each contains a reservoir that can be filled with water to cover a larger floor area without the need for a top-up.

The yeedi vac 2 and vac 2 pro also start mapping your home upon first use. A top-mounted camera and 3D obstacle avoidance sensors determine room boundaries and the location of insurmountable objects like table legs.

This map is naturally used in future cleaning cycles to help a Yeedi Vac 2 navigate your home more efficiently, but there’s more to it.

You can view the vacuum-generated map in your phone’s companion app and use it to specify which rooms – and even areas within rooms – you want the vacuum to cover. The 3D obstacle avoidance system of this new generation is 10 times more effective than that of its predecessor.

Powerful software

You can also label parts of the room plan as suitable or not suitable for cleaning to prevent carpets from getting wet when the cleaner is set to cleaning, rather than just vacuuming.

The yeedi vac 2 pro goes even further, with a carpet detection sensor. You can set it to a cleaning cycle without worrying about getting your rugs and carpets wet. The sensor is also used to increase suction when the yeedi vac 2 pro vacuums on carpet, to pull more dirt out of the pile.

The pro model also benefits from Yeedi’s new oscillating cleaning system. This moves the mop pad at 480 oscillations per minute, which is five times faster than you’d typically get cleaning by hand, to remove tougher stains in no time.

This upgrade is essential if your home has a lot of laminate, wood or hard floors, where the cleaning mode should be particularly effective.

Most people may not need to mop as often as they would use the vacuum function, but switching to the mop cycle only takes a few seconds. Remove the scanning module from the back, fill the water tank, wet the cleaning pad for best results, then replace the module.

yeedi vac 2 vs yeedi vac 2 pro

Yeedi vac 2 series robot vacuums offer premium features at an affordable price

Either Yeedi Vac 2 model can both vacuum dirt and clean floors with ease. They also have the same powerful 3000pa suction. So, other than carpet detection and the new, more efficient oscillating mop design, why should you consider choosing the yeedi vac 2 pro over the yeedi vac 2?

The pro model has a much larger battery, with a capacity of 5200 mAh instead of 2600 mAh. While the basic yeedi vac 2 will last up to 110 minutes before needing to return to its charging station, the 240 minute endurance of the yeedi vac 2 pro will be extremely beneficial for larger homes.

Both models have a feature that allows them to automatically resume a bigger clean house after a charge, but longer run time means the yeedi vac 2 pro is more likely to do all the work without such a gap.

If you want a setup that lets you get really lazy with your home maintenance, we suggest you consider the yeedi vac 2 pro with the add-on auto dump station. This attaches to the battery charging station and will drain from the vacuum’s own 420ml bin into a much larger 2.5L bin.

It does this using the same method as the robot vacuum itself: suction, with a 1000W motor. By discharging every time the yeedi vac 2 returns to its charging station, the robot vacuum can potentially run on its own for weeks without any help from you. Just set up a cleaning schedule in the app and you’re golden.

Yeedi vac 2 series robot vacuums offer premium features at an affordable price

Get the best offer

Yeedi vac 2 series robot vacuums offer premium features at an affordable price

There’s more good news if you love the sound of the Yeedi Vac 2 generational upgrades but already own an older Yeedi model.

The company has just opened its “transforming the old for the new” service. This allows you to trade in your current yeedi robot vacuum for credit to be used toward the purchase of a vac 2 or vac 2 pro. And if you need to send your older model in for repair, you’ll have the option of upgrading to a vac 2 series vacuum.

New to Yeedi? The prices of yeedi vac 2 and vac 2 pro are not too intimidating even if you buy fresh.

A yeedi vac 2 costs $349.99, a yeedi vac 2 pro $449.99, while the optional auto dump station costs $199. Both robot vacuums are now available for purchase online at Amazon, Walmart as well as Yeedi’s official store, and an early bird buyer’s deal gets you a free self-vacuum station.

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