Yaskawa Electric Company Showcases Latest Industrial Robot Technology



08 April 2022 19:41 STI

Tokyo, Japan (ANI): Japanese company Yaskawa has developed an industrial robot with artificial intelligence that determines the color and shape of objects and transports them to their correct position.
The Yaskawa company evolves in various fields, including the automobile industry and the manufacture of parts, according to the needs of the time.
“In today’s manufacturing industry, due to the influence of the Corona pandemic, ‘contact’ has become difficult. Also, labor shortage is the topic. Professionals with advanced skills are aging and their skills cannot be transferred to the next generation. We want to advance in its automation. We need a multi-product manufacturing solution rather than just mass production,” said Yoshimitsu Sonohara, a manager of Yaskawa Electric.
Yaskawa promotes the “i3 (i-cube) Mechatronics” solution concept to achieve a new revolution in industrial automation.
i3 stands for “integrated, intelligent, innovative”.

At the industrial robot expo held in Tokyo last March, a demonstration showcasing Yaskawa’s latest technology caught the eye.
In the demonstration, robots with different roles work correctly. Each robot has artificial intelligence and works autonomously. The robot instructor effectively instructs each robot on a work situation.
The robots also communicate with each other to work autonomously and more efficiently.
“The next robot does not coexist with people, but works independently and improves its judgment and maneuverability using accumulated data. We believe that the concept of ‘i3 (i-cube) Mechatronics’ will be applied to manufacturing around world,” said Yoshimitsu Sonohara, another Yaskawa Electric official.
Yaskawa Electric’s technology is on a mission to continuously support the global manufacturing industry. (ANI)

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