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AMSTERDAM, March 07, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — XPENG, a leading smart electric vehicle and mobility technology company, today launched its improved global website and mobile app, with new features, a interactive customer interface and interconnected web pages in the European market, as the company adopts a new fully digitized retail model for international markets.

The global English-language website showcases the latest and most advanced XPENG products and technology features currently implemented in XPENG models available in the Chinese market. It serves as an information hub that provides a comprehensive overview of XPENG’s smart electric vehicle portfolio, technology capabilities and latest business developments.

Four upgraded European language web pages have also been implemented for Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden, providing a highly interactive customer interface that seamlessly integrates online and offline functions. Customers will be able to configure their vehicle, book test drives and place orders through a single account on the local website and mobile app.

In addition, a 360-degree product navigation function, service appointment scheduling and remote car control functionality will be available on the local language mobile app for all four European countries.

To visit the new XPENG Global and European sites:
The new XPENG website (Global): https://heyxpeng.com/
The new XPENG website (Denmark): https://heyxpeng.com/dk
The new XPENG website (Netherlands): https://heyxpeng.com/nl
The new XPENG website (Norway): https://heyxpeng.com/no/
The new XPENG website (Sweden): https://heyxpeng.com/se

To download the new XPENG mobile APP:
Please search “XPENG” in Apple Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android)

XPENG is a leading technology company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets intelligent mobility solutions. We explore the diversity of mobility, including electric vehicles (EVs), electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, and robotics.

XPENG is committed to in-house R&D, with over 40% of our employees working in R&D related areas helping to develop our expanding product portfolio. The company has created a comprehensive advanced driver assistance system (XPILOT), as well as an intelligent operating system (Xmart OS) for an enhanced in-car experience. XPENG has also developed base vehicle systems for enhanced driving capabilities, including powertrains and advanced electronic architecture.

XPENG is headquartered in Guangzhou, China, with multi-regional offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley and San Diego. In 2021, the company established its European headquarters in Amsterdam. XPENG’s electric vehicles are manufactured in the wholly-owned factory located in Zhaoqing, China.

For more information about XPENG, please visit our websites: www.heyxpeng.com

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