Wyze notifications don’t work after last app update on iOS and Android



Founded by former Amazon employees and based in Seattle, Wyze Labs, Inc. sells wireless security cameras as well as several other smart home products such as watches, bracelets, remote control cars, and even vacuum cleaners. robots.

Users can control these devices using the Wyze app. That being said, the company recently released the Wyze Cam V3 which can work both indoors and outdoors.

But the latest one from Wyze Labs had a bunch of issues like taking cameras offline or the motion detection area not working for some.

And now reports are coming in with users saying Wyze app notifications aren’t working. Many said the bug affected them despite not having made any configuration changes.

It seems that the problem started for some after the last update of the app. Factory resetting devices doesn’t seem to work either.


For about a year, my notifications on Cam-V3 worked fine on Android. From today afternoon it suddenly stopped working. I have tried all of Cam V3’s Phone Settings / Notifications and Push Notification Settings checks. I have the latest version and it indicates my cam-V3 is up to date. I tried loading the Wyze app on iOS and another Android phone, but no notification, but all apps detect that the event was triggered. My parent shared their camera and their notifications are received by me on my phone so there is no configuration / settings issue.

Same here. I was about to make a thread on this, but say this one so I thought I would post on it. Since yesterday. It was a gradual process with notifications gradually ending for each camera. I first lost notifications for one camera, then another, then eventually all of them stopped. The events are recorded. I checked every notification setting in the Wyze app and on my phone. All are configured to allow notifications. They just don’t happen. I also checked the version of the Wyze app and updated it from the Google play store. This did not solve the problem.

Many are frustrated because they haven’t received any notifications since last week. It turns out that the problem would affect Cam Plus subscribers.

Some have said that disabling Cam Plus fixes the notification issue, but then the cameras are unusable for them because they only record for 12 seconds.

Additionally, one user said he received a response from Wyze who said he was working on the issue and could be resolved through an app or firmware update.

I just got a response from them saying they are still working on the issue and it can be fixed with a firmware or app update.

We hope Wyze will find out the root cause of the notification issue and release a fix as soon as possible. When they do, we’ll let you know, so stay tuned for updates.

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