We’ve ranked the new iOS 15.4 features from best to worst


It’s that time again, folks! The long-awaited iOS 15.4 is finally here – and that means one thing and one thing only: it’s time to rank up the new features coming soon to your iPhone.

We’ve done this many times before, whether it’s rating each iOS 14.5 update on how boring it is with Zuckerberg, or iOS 14.7’s on how useful it is. new functionalities in space.

And this time? Well, let’s get boring and rank them from worst to best. What? Don’t complain! All of this means that the next Apple ranking will be even weirder.

WORST NEW iOS 15.4 FEATURE: 7) Podcast Filters

The update itself isn’t too bad. Basically, on iOS 15.4, you can filter a show’s episodes by things like played or downloaded.

In addition to that, you can also easily browse the seasons of a podcast.

Sounds good, right? Why is he down there? Well, that’s because the Podcast app still sucks.

Syncing between devices is a mess. Often times I’ll open the app and the episode I’m listening to will be gone. Or it will be returned to the start of the podcast.

Frustrating is an understatement – ​​and Apple should have used iOS 15.4 to fix the Podcast app.

But that was not the case. And that’s still the worst.

You can see the bar at the top where you can select different types of episodes. That, my friends, is part of the update.

6) Apple Card Widget

No, I don’t want a widget to show me how much money I spent today. Difficult pass.

5) Added EU vaccination cards to Apple Wallet

I’m on the fence about this one – and it’s mostly because of this article.

Indeed, putting a vaccination card on your phone can be both bad and good. That’s why this new iOS 15.4 feature sits (roughly) in the middle of this ranking.

That’s what we call symbolism.

4) New AirTags display anti-harassment alerts

apple airtag iphone configuration warning
This is the warning that will appear when you set up an AirTag on your iPhone.

This is undoubtedly a good thing because people are abusing AirTags horribly and Apple needs to take action.

The reason this new iOS 15.4 feature isn’t superior is simple: it’s not good enough. Will telling someone it’s illegal to follow people against their will with AirTags make a difference? Doubtful.

But he East Something. And Apple is planning more updates to AirTags this year to try to make them more secure.

Credit where credit is due – although I doubt Apple will ever be able to provide security for its trackers.

3) Tap to pay on iPhone

I don’t own a retail business, but if I did, I’d be jumping for joy. No need for external terminals? And can I just accept customer payments with my iPhone?

This is a new feature in iOS 15.4 to rely on. Well, if you have a business that sells things to people.

2) Siri voice more neutral

new feature ios 15 4 siri voice adjustment
This is a more neutral voice for Siri.

I always wondered why a robotic voice had to have a gender. Like… can’t it look like a fucking robot? Something that is neither masculine nor feminine?

Well, that’s what this new iOS 15.4 feature has done. If you select the fifth American voice, you’ll hear a gender-neutral version of Siri.

Now we just have to wait for it to appear on all accents.

BEST NEW iOS 15.4 FEATURE: 1) Unlock your phone while wearing a mask

Ok, maybe it’s a bit too late (much of Europe has ditched mask mandates now), but it’s still useful – especially if you’re on public transport or traveling .

Let’s also be honest, it’s likely that we’ll see face masks return in some form this winter. So this new iOS 15.4 feature gets the top spot to make my future life easier.

Unfortunately, this feature only works with iPhone 12 and above, but I’m currently using a 13, so that’s fine. And, really, what is this list but me?

new feature ios 15.4 face id with mask

Anyway, you can download iOS 15.4 now. So… go ahead and do it? Also, if you want to see a more comprehensive list of features, there are some good resources. here and here.

Until next time, folks — and damn the team behind Apple Podcasts until they fix that damned app.

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