Varonis unveils features to strengthen security in Salesforce


Data security and analytics company Varonis introduces new features to help organizations close critical security and compliance gaps in Salesforce.

The new features are part of DatAdvantage Cloud. It provides customers with critical data protection across Salesforce, Google Drive, Box, AWS, Okta, Jira, Slack, GitHub, and Zoom.

Varonis said Selling power can be a blind spot for security and compliance teams, as most organizations cannot know where sensitive data is, i.e. who has access to it or who is using it, making it difficult maintaining security and compliance with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, SOX and PCI-DSS.

Over time, permissions spiral out of control, misconfigurations occur, and countless apps connect to Salesforce through APIs to read and write data.

This new release offers features to address a wide range of security and compliance use cases:

1. Quickly understand exposure: Varonis simplifies permissions analysis by revealing a user’s net effective permissions and how they obtained them. So you can finally answer the question: “Who can access sensitive data?”

2. Classify sensitive files and attachments: Varonis scans files attached to objects in Salesforce and automatically flags sensitive items using patented data classification technology.

3. Sprawling permissions of the right size: Fix compliance gaps and reduce exposure – from former employees and ex-contractors with active logins to regular users authorized to export every record.

4. Detect abnormal activity: Out-of-the-box alerts can detect internal and external threats, such as users accessing an unusual number of Salesforce objects or an administrator disabling a critical update.

5. Identify misconfigurations: The SSPM dashboard helps detect issues with organization-wide settings, discover phantom instances, and spot vulnerabilities such as misconfigurations that can expose data.

“I had heard horror stories about Salesforce permissions and how hundreds could be applied in different ways, but I hadn’t realized how complicated our permission sets had become,” Tony comments. Hamil, senior real estate cybersecurity engineer.

“DatAdvantage Cloud is a single window that not only helps us secure data in Salesforce, but also gives us cross-cloud visibility that we otherwise couldn’t get.”

“This new release gives customers essential visibility and protection that they simply can’t get natively. Varonis’ platform approach helps organizations unify their cloud security controls and detect threats across their SaaS environment in a single, easy-to-deploy product,” Varonis concludes. executive vice president of engineering and chief technology officer David Bass.

Varonis for Salesforce is now available for customers and trial users.


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