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In this special edition of its 5 Things series, Food Management highlights five recent technology-related developments affecting the restaurant world.

Here is your list for today:

  1. The app seeks to predict when meals will run out

Student software development organization Penn Labs has added a Dining Analytics feature to its popular Penn Mobile app that aims to predict when a University of Pennsylvania student will run out of meals or dining dollars. When accessed through the Restore tab of the Penn Mobile app, the Analytics page displays a graph of previous swipe usage and restore dollar, along with a line predicting when the student will miss in based on their current behavior.

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  1. Technology allows students to monitor crowds in the dining hall

Vanderbilt University has implemented Occuspace technology on campus that allows students to check the occupancy of certain dining halls and study spaces through the dining website or the Waitz app. The app’s live data feature shows current occupancy, occupancy forecasts for one hour in the future, and peak times with comparisons to the previous week. In addition to percentages, each space is categorized as “not occupied”, “occupied” or “very occupied”.

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  1. The senior community tests a robot to help in the dining room

Kendal in Lexington, Virginia is the latest senior community to test the use of robots to help with its restaurant services. His Servi robot named “Alfredo” is a three-level food runner with a 66-pound weight limit and up to 12-hour battery life that can help with food delivery and transport tables.

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  1. Chipotle to test chip-making robot at California unit

Chipotle Mexican Grill has announced that it will test “Chippy,” an autonomous cooking assistant made by Miso Robotics, next month at a restaurant in Fountain Valley, Calif., after previously testing the robot’s ability to make and season its tortillas. With salt. and lime at its corporate headquarters innovation center in Irvine, California. Currently, employees at Chipotle restaurants manually fry and season fries, which can be time-consuming and increasingly expensive given recent moves in California that could result in a $22/hour minimum wage for restaurant workers. fast.

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  1. Technical glitch results in duplicate credit card charges for card fans

Like NFL fans at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, fans of Major League Baseball’s St. Louis Cardinals recently found themselves being charged multiple times for the same purchase when they used FredomPay credit card readers to buy food and drink at Busch Stadium, with one fan claiming he was charged 20 times for the same bottled water purchase. “We have identified and resolved the technical issue and are working diligently to clear and remove duplicate charges from affected customer accounts,” FreedomPay President Chris Kronenthal responded in a statement addressing the issue.

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