Trifo’s pet-focused Ollie robot vacuum is packed with features for furry friends


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As much as we love them, pets can (and will) grow a lot of hair and trying to keep up with it can be exhausting. That’s why many vacuum cleaner brands offer smart vacuum cleaners to help you clean animal hair. We received the Trifo Ollie, its new pet vacuum, to test. Here’s what we found.

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Setup and design

Upon opening the Trifo Ollie package, you’ll find the cleaner itself, some sort of detachable air freshener/laser pointer, and the cleaner’s charging base with a power cord. As is the case with most smart devices, you will also need to download the corresponding Trifo smart device app. You open the top of the device to pair it, then connect it to your WiFi and use Ollie’s built-in camera to scan an app-provided QR code to fully link the two together. Setting up the entire Trifo Ollie took me about 15 minutes.


  • 120 minutes of battery life

  • Suction 3000Pa; 4,000 with pet accessory

  • Bin 600 ML

The Trifo Ollie will be no different from your standard robot vacuum; its circular shape design will cover a large area of ​​your floor when cleaning. Notably, the Ollie contains a side brush on the bottom which is capable of sweeping dirt and dust accumulated on the sides of the robot into its central compartment. Plus, the laser attachment includes an air freshener so you can spray your space while the Ollie does its thing.

Features and performance

The Ollie smart vacuum is meant to be extremely versatile, especially for pet owners. Besides being a vacuum, it also has a built-in 1080p camera to not only see where it’s going, but also to keep tabs on what’s happening (or pets!) in your home. The 4000Pa suction power (with the included pet hair removal tool) is superior for a mid-level cleaner and is powerful enough; the dirt and dust from our house was swept away pretty quickly. Assuming you weren’t using the video camera the entire time cleaning or using any other high end features, Ollie’s battery life lasts 120 minutes which cleaned my rental downstairs decent sized floor.

Trifo Ollie Pet Robot Vacuum Featured Body Image

Trifo Ollie Pet Robot Vacuum Featured Body Image

The first few cleanups took a bit longer as the Ollie learned our floor layout and worked around various obstacles. A notable block is the desk chair used by my girlfriend; robot vacuums I’ve used in the past have bumped into it a few times, but the Ollie did a pretty good job of actively avoiding it, or if the vacuum bumped into it, it crashed away pretty quickly. Storage on the bin is generous at 600ml and is located at the top instead of the side. The included HEPA filter also works to remove allergens while it’s running, which is a nice added feature.

The Ollie’s camera is decent at 1080p but looks a bit pixelated in full-size view. Night mode also works well, and it’s a particularly great feature for checking on the dog while we’re away or seeing where the Ollie might be stuck on something. The same goes for the built-in microphone, which isn’t a hit but isn’t bad either. With it, I can use the Trifo app to manually control the Ollie and dismiss him if necessary.

The Trifo app is quite robust, despite looking a bit dated in the overall UI design. The app includes many customizable features, including microphone settings and a do not disturb mode, cleaning history and schedules, motion detection, and more. The app also offers the ability to see a map of your cleaning area (with the ability to set specific cleaning areas) or even use the previously mentioned manual control.

Trifo Ollie Pet Robot Vacuum Featured Body Image 2

Trifo Ollie Pet Robot Vacuum Featured Body Image 2

One thing I’m not so convinced about is the laser attachment, partly because it doesn’t stay attached as firmly as I would like and also because using lasers as a toy for cats and dogs is somehow sort a hot topic in the veterinary community. The air freshener is a nice added value, however. We’re also a little disappointed with the lack of any kind of mop functionality, but maybe that’s something for the future.

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The Trifo Ollie positions itself as a pet-friendly, pet-friendly vacuum, and it absolutely delivers. While there’s a danger that Trifo will approach the Ollie as a kitchen sink-type solution, the end product feels focused and considered. Some might get the impression that there is too there’s a lot going on here, but getting all that value in such a compelling package is well worth it.

So should you buy it?

Definitely, especially if you don’t have an existing robot vacuum.


  • Pet Friendly Features

  • Strong suction power

  • Solid battery life

The inconvenients:

Evaluation: 9/10

trifo ollie review

trifo ollie reviews

Buy: Trifo Ollie AI Home Robot Vacuum Cleaner $299.99

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