Trends in AI ML and IoT in 2022



Rob Gibbon, Product Manager at Canonical, and Gabriel Aguiar Noury, Robotics Product Manager at Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, discuss their predictions and AI / ML & IoT trends in 2022.

AI ML and IoT Prediction – Rob Gibbon:

As the trend of AI / ML adoption accelerates, ghost computing environments and uncontrolled cloud operating costs will increasingly become an unacceptable and unsustainable marker of bad business. Organizations have become savvy, and savvy buyers are increasingly looking to move high-speed, cost-sensitive applications on-premises as efficient private cloud options gain popularity.

Prediction – Gabriel Aguiar Noury:

“The IoT market is at a decisive stage. More and more people have adopted IoT devices and connected them to the internet. However, they also downloaded apps to their phones to control these devices, without even reading the terms and conditions. They also provided passwords and more sensitive data without understanding where they will be stored and how they will be protected. And more importantly, they use devices without checking to see if they are receiving security updates.

The Morris worm was the first computer worm to gain the attention of the mainstream media after infesting millions of computers and crippling the Internet for days. It was because of this scandal that the United States took cybersecurity risks seriously. And now, just like in 1988, people don’t think enough about security risks, so it’s up to the IoT companies themselves to take control. In 2022, we anticipate that more and more governments will begin to require IoT manufacturers to declare in advance how long IoT devices will continue to benefit from security maintenance for their customers. The UK is one of the first countries to start working on such regulations, aware of the interconnected risk of IoT devices.

The global IoT market is expected to reach a value of US $ 1,386 billion by 2026 (up from US $ 761 billion in 2020). Either industry and governments start to take security risks seriously, or another Morris worm will force the industry to change.

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