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Hasbro recently announced more G.I. Joe action figures and one of those reveals included a Transformers and G.I. Joe Mashup. This collectible features Megatron and he is able to transform into a Cobra HISS tank. Plus, he comes with a Baroness action figure that can ride him.

This thing is pretty cool, and if you want to pre-order it, you can do it here for $90. It’s really fun as a toy line, and I’m curious to see if we’ll get more Transformers and GI Joe mashup figures. Who knows, maybe this will lead to some kind of crazy crossover movie!

Here is the official description that was shared:

Worlds collide in this Transformers-GI Joe mash-up pack! The Decepticons and Cobra team up to take over the world! The Baroness and Megatron, disguised as a HISS tank, plan the next Cobra attack. The Megatron HISS Tank toy converts from robot mode to tank mode in 28 steps and comes with the GI Joe Retro Baroness figure. Both figures feature deco and details based on the worlds of Transformers and GI Joe. Includes fusion cannon, backpack and weapon accessories. Accurate scale of the 1983 HISS Tank toy. Display the Baroness figure on the turret and in HISS armored vehicle mode. The packaging is inspired by a mix of classic 80s toys with retro artwork. The Baroness toy comes on a card back with a file card.

Check out the additional images below and let us know what you think!

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