Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Application Development Trends in 2022


by Shivani Muthyala

December 14, 2021

Here’s how artificial intelligence can speed up app development

Artificial intelligence is the most demanding topic being talked about everywhere. AI is the ability of a system to think and learn from its experiences. The applications of artificial intelligence have evolved considerably over the past few years and are now supporting all sectors. AI, when combined with machine learning and deep learning, can work wonders in training large amounts of data to make the right decisions. And on the other hand, app development is also a progressive industry. Let’s see the top 10 artificial intelligence application development trends in 2022 in this article.


Most mobile apps these days are based on AR and VR technologies which can renovate app development in 2022. With the launch of iPhone 9 and 10, these trends have become even more dominant in the market. Popular social media options like Instagram and Snapchat have also updated their filters. This shows that AR and VR technologies will lead the future.

2 IoT

IoT is the next breakthrough that will undoubtedly revolutionize the trend of mobile application development in the future. The combination of artificial intelligence and IoT can stimulate more innovations. Companies such as Dell and Cisco have already started planning and investing in this area. Even the giant corporation. Google is also collaborating with Nest as the global IoT market value is expected to reach 6.2 trillion by 20225.

3 portable devices

Wearables are smart devices that can detect vital details related to pulse rate and calories consumed. This technology, combined with artificial intelligence, can help people manage their health. To keep up in the market, the latest app developments are coming to increase the engagement with an app that can work without any support.

4 Blockchain

Since everyone wants to have a secure transaction, here is blockchain technology which is a great solution to ensure cyber security. If it comes to app development, blockchain technology can create smart apps that don’t require any third-party support. Blockchain technology as well as artificial intelligence has shown its importance in sectors such as healthcare, banking and government.

5 5G

After the success of the 4G network, the 5G network is also about to enter the market. 5G is going to succeed in gaining more than 100 million in the coming times. Like e-commerce, mobile commerce is also growing in popularity. M-commerce is independently responsible for generating 80% of e-commerce sales worldwide. It is improving every day and will have an impact on the future.

6 Edge Computing

Edge computing is known for merging data storage and computing at the location of its application. This technology avoids data delay issues, thereby reducing the cost of processing data locally. Nest is known for its maker of IoT automation devices that uses specific technology for cameras, security systems, and more.

7 chatbots

Chatbots are the newest introduction in the IT industry which does a fantastic job. He found that the chatbot industry will generate over $1 billion in revenue by 2025. Chatbots and artificial intelligence are going at the same pace to increase the interaction between users and the business. Launching cross-platform frameworks makes it possible to run an application on different operating systems. It allowed developers to use source code everywhere. This saves the total development time. So it’s no wonder that cross-platform apps are a mobile app development trend in 2022.

8 Beacon Technology

Beacons provide a personalized experience; it can help engage with a product when advertised using a tag. Native apps that capitalize on beacon technology and integrate it seamlessly with the beacon signal to enhance customer-brand interaction. Beacons can even be used for artificial intelligence and AR and mobile payments.

9 personal smart hubs

Speaking of smart hubs, phones are going to be the center of IoT-enabled devices using apps as a kind of API. Technology can help with precautions taken to reduce the spread of COVID-19, especially for people who must stay indoors. For households with smart devices, a smart hub is ideal for controlling those devices without having to physically touch them by activating the voice assistant feature instead.

10 Predictive analysis

Predictive analytics is used to personalize products for each customer. It can make predictions of future events using available data, using techniques such as machine learning, statistics, and data mining. Artificial intelligence, when combined with predictive analytics, can be used to solve major problems.

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