Today’s Best Mac and iOS App Deals: Tales of the Neon Sea, LVL, Document Scanner, more


Today’s best Mac and iOS app deals are now available. This morning Apple’s white iPad Pro Magic Keyboard hit a new all-time low as well, and we’re still tracking the latest Mac mini M1 for the holiday season’s best price, alongside everything else in our hub of Apple business. But for now, we’re turning our attention to today’s best app offerings including Tales of the Neon Sea, Cubasis 3, KORG music production apps, LVL, Document Scanner, and more. Head below the waterline for a full rundown of today’s best games and apps offerings.

Today’s best iOS app deals:

Universal iOS: Tales of the Neon Sea: FREE (Reg. $ 4)

Universal iOS: LVL: FREE (Reg. $ 1)

Universal iOS: Document scanner – mobile scanning: FREE (Reg. $ 5)

Universal iOS: Geekbench 5: FREE (Reg. $ 1)

Universal iOS: Access the photo: FREE (Reg. $ 1)

Universal iOS: Cubasis 3: 25 $ (Reg. $ 50)

Universal iOS: ARP ODYSSÉ: $ 15 (Reg. $ 30)

Universal iOS: KORG Pro module: $ 20 (Reg. $ 40)

Universal iOS: KORG iWAVESTATION: $ 15 (Reg. $ 30)

Universal iOS: KORG iM1: $ 15 (Reg. $ 30)

Universal iOS: KORG iMS-20: $ 15 (Reg. $ 30)

Universal iOS: KORG iKaossilator: $ 10 (Reg. $ 20)

Universal iOS: KORG Gadget 2: $ 20 (Reg. $ 40)

Universal iOS: KORG ELECTRIBE Wave: $ 15 (Reg. $ 30)

Universal iOS: Destroy the tanks! – AR board game: $ 1 (Reg. $ 2)

Universal iOS: Indie App Santa – 24 Days of FREE IOS apps and offers

Mac: Pixelmator Pro: $ 20 (Reg. $ 40)

Today’s Best Game Deals: Forza Horizon 5, Luigi’s Mansion, Mario Tennis, MLB The Show 21, more

More iOS apps still alive:

Universal iOS: Font Keyboard – Font Chat: FREE (Reg. $ 1)

Universal iOS: The great photo app: FREE (Reg. $ 4)

Universal iOS: Phone player: File storage synchronization: FREE (Reg. $ 4)

Universal iOS: Color pallet: FREE (Reg. $ 2)

Universal iOS: Drop flop! : FREE (Reg. $ 1)

Universal iOS: Build your palace: $ 1 (Reg. $ 3)

Universal iOS: Grandfather : $ 2 (Reg. $ 3)

Universal iOS: Lamplight City mobile: $ 4 (Reg. $ 5)

Learn more about Tales of the Neon Sea:

The vast sky above the city obscures the sun and the city’s neon lights never go out. With the rise of science and technology in the distant future, robots and self-aware humans live together on this earth. In this cyber city where punk and magnificence coexist, noises and choirs of tranquility, our protagonist Rex runs a private detective agency. A former policeman, he now lives from the execution of various commissions. However, the god of fate has already thrown the dice in secret. An unusual murder case shattered the peace of his life, leading to the sign of the robot rebellion.

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