this is the new android app store logo


Google Play celebrates 10 years since replacing the old Android Market. Taking the opportunity, Google Play is giving you more Play Points as a reward for your purchases and by the way formalized its new logowhich was leaked earlier in the month.

Forget the sharp triangle and bright colors of Google Play, well the new Google Play logo It’s more rounded than ever and opts for a few more Google-like shades of color. The change is not yet visible in the Google Play mobile app, but it is. in the web version.

Remember when the Google Play logo featured a shopping cart? The Android app store started with a shopping cart logo with the Android robot, although since its initial launch only simplifiedrevamp after revamp.

First, the isometric perspective gave way to a central view that ended three-dimensionality with each new release. When Android Market took over from Google Play, the logo was already quite flattened and the green robot gave way to the four-color reproduction triangle we all know, but first with color gradients.

The color gradients have disappeared as well as the shopping cart to make way for the Google Play logo that has accompanied us for a few years: the triangle with four bright colors that Google changes again for its tenth anniversary from your app store.

The new Google logo is more rounded than ever, it changes the color division inside and also the shades of green, yellow, blue and red that compose it. It’s such a simple logo that technically consists of a few lines of text onlyin SVG format:

For now we can enjoy the new Google Play logo in its web versionalthough it is expected that it will eventually reach our mobiles through a future Google Play update, soon.

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