This app-controlled robot vacuum and mop is about as close to a robot butler as it gets


Whether it’s doing the dishes, dusting, doing laundry, mopping and vacuuming, chores can seem endless. Although we don’t have a robot butler that can do all for us, there are tools, and even robots, that can help keep our homes clean. The MyGenie WI-FI GMAX App Control Dry & Wet Auto Robot Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a versatile tool that can vacuum and clean, wherever you take it, when you take it.

Stay on top of dust, pet hair, crumbs and grime with a vacuum that patrols your floors, even when you’re not around. The GMAX combines a vacuum and a wet and dry mop to keep your floors always clean. It features smart roaming sensors, dual side brushes, and powerful suction that all help produce a deeper, deeper clean.

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The GMAX uses gyroscopic navigation and ground mapping which you can control with your tablet or smartphone. It moves along every edge and around every tricky corner, picking up debris and adjusting its power to suit different soil environments.

Keep small dirt particles, allergens and bacteria out of your home with a 3D filter and HEPA filter. Make sure your floors are clean and safe for you and your family with this dual-cleaning technology.

By replacing the job of constant sweeping and wiping with an automatic solution, you free up time and energy to spend on the activities you love. A robot vacuum won’t solve all of your problems, but it can add that extra touch of comfort to your life.

Lighten your load when it comes to household chores while keeping your floors as clean as possible with the MyGenie WI-FI GMAX App Control Dry & Wet Auto Robot robotic vacuum cleaner. Initially priced at $ 1,164, the GMAX was reduced by 81%, bringing the price down to just $ 219.95.

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Prices subject to change.

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