The third season of Love, Death & Robots presents Polygon Pictures


The third season of the anime anthology series Love, death and robots will arrive on Netflix next month. This time, part of the series was created by Japanese animation studio Polygon Pictures. This will be the first time an anime studio has contributed to the series.

The announcement of Polygon Picture’s involvement in the sci-fi series Love, death and robots came via a tweet Wednesday from the studio’s president and CEO, Shuzo John Shiota. His tweet simply read, “Polygon Pictures was involved in this work. It’s coming to Netflix on May 20,” and was left as a comment on the Polygon Pictures official account Twitter post about Love, death and robots. Shiota’s comment isn’t much, but it’s enough to confirm the studio’s involvement.


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Love, death and robots is an adult anthology series, with each episode telling a unique story about at least one of the title words (and often combining all three). Because each episode is also created by a different studio, they all have their own style and style. Using computer-generated or hand-drawn animations, Love, death and robots tells a lot of thrilling, violent and often sexy stories – but was still made by a western studio.


— Shuzo John Shiota 塩田周三 (@da_shooz) April 20, 2022

Finally, however, season three will have a contribution from Japan. Polygon Pictures has worked with Western films and TV series in the past, including directing episodes for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Tron: Uprisingand Big Hero 6: The Series. The studio has also been behind several popular games, such as Thief, Pokémon Sword and Shieldand Street Fighter V (which he created the character and background designs, opening film, and promotional videos for). With such a popular anime series as Love, death and robotsit was only a matter of time before a Japanese studio was involved in some way.

While adult animation is gaining ground in the West, it has been part of media culture in Japan for decades. With the success of Star Wars: Visions in 2021 paving the way, which has been done entirely by Japanese studios, hopefully Love, death and robots will be one of the many stories to which Japan can also bring its unique touch. Although we don’t know exactly how much Polygon Pictures contributed to Love, death and robots however, we will soon find out. Whether it’s just a collaborative role or an entire studio episode, it will create space for Japanese studios to become more involved with Western media in the future. When it comes to adult entertainment, Japan has a lot of experience to share with the world.

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Love, death and robots season three will begin streaming on Netflix on May 20, 2022.

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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