The She-Hulk Finale Features Another Meta Cameo You Surely Didn’t Catch



Showrunner Jessica Gao discussed the meta cameo, revealing his true identity as Matt Wilkie. Although still employed under the Marvel Studios umbrella, Wilkie no longer distributes NDAs to visitors. According to Gao, he was promoted after filming the cameo and no longer holds the same position:

Matt Wilkie, who plays the receptionist is, or at the time was the receptionist at Marvel. My hope – and he’s since been promoted, which I’ll blame him forever because it ruins my dream, which was someone watching the show and then having a meeting at Marvel studios and then going to this real hall, see Matt Wilkie and sign the NDA.

The fever dream that is the whole sequence only gets more surreal, considering that real people who work for the company are now in on the “She-Hulk” joke. For all the reservations about breaking the fourth wall in the finale, it’s kind of fun to see people who otherwise wouldn’t be known to casual fans spending time in the spotlight. It must be gratifying for Wilkie and company to see themselves portrayed in the flesh on the small screen.

All episodes of Season 1 of “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” are available on Disney+.

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