The “Russian Google” launches Yango carpooling app in Dubai



A new carpooling app operated by Russia’s answer to Google has hit the road in Dubai after a trial run.

Yango, part of web portal and search engine Yandex, was launched in Dubai on Thursday.

Commuters can use the service by downloading the Yango app available on App Store and Google Play.

A trial began two weeks ago, with the company saying it saw “good demand” for a permanent rollout.

Dubai is one of the most influential economic centers in the region, attracting investment and people from all over the world

Yango Spokesperson

Uber, Careem and Hala Taxi are already part of the competitive taxi market in the emirate.

Commuters can also book taxi services through the RTA Public Transport app, Abu Dhabi Taxi and S’hail App.

A Yango representative said they are expanding into Dubai as there is a “demand for a high quality, high tech transport service”.

“Dubai is one of the most influential economic centers in the region, attracting investment and people from all over the world,” they said.

“And we believe that the convenience and smart technologies that Yango brings to customers can really make a big difference by offering a new level of service.”

Yango taxis are available in two different fares: comfort and premium.

“We focus on top-level service which includes amazing cars like the Lexus ES and Mercedes S-Class,” the rep said.

Lexus ES cars will be available for hire in the comfort range, with GMC Yukon Denali, Cadillac Escalade and Mercedes S-Class featured in the premium class.

A trip from the One & Only Royal Mirage hotel to the Mall of the Emirates – which is about 8 km – will cost 52.5 Dh in comfort fare and 56 Dh in premium.

A trip from La Mer Beach to the Dubai Mall will usually cost around Dh39 in comfort fare and Dh42 in premium fare.

The company said it uses its own mapping, routing and navigation system.

However, the official did not reveal the number of Yango taxis currently available on Dubai roads.

“Yango does not operate its own cars or drivers. As in most of our markets, we only work with local transport service providers. They select drivers in accordance with local legislation,” the official said. The National.

Yango is present in more than 20 countries including Finland, Norway, Serbia, Ivory Coast and Ghana. They plan to expand to other parts of Europe as well as Africa and Latin America.

Yandex this year launched a grocery delivery service from Carrefour supermarkets in Dubai with its courier robots.

The company is considered the Russian version of tech giant Google.

Updated: September 29, 2022, 2:28 p.m.

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