The open source Bluetooth robot Bero has autonomous navigation


Geeks love robots, everyone knows that. ThinkGeek has announced the launch of an interesting new robot that will appeal to geeks of all ages called Bero. Bero is a bluetooth controlled open source robot that can be controlled using your smartphone.

The robot also has an infrared optical navigation system allowing it to navigate autonomously in your home or office. The robot is also open source, which allows anyone to perform robot code updates. The robot is preprogrammed with the ability to move around, move its arms and move its head.

Bero can also dance to music and react to notifications from smart devices. The robot is compatible with any Bluetooth 2.0 smart device, including iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The app for Android and iOS devices is available.

Bero has tank treads on the bottom for motivation and is available in white and black. Strangely, you can’t choose the color you receive, for your $ 149.99 you will get the color ThinGeek catches in the trade. A rechargeable battery of 3 to 5 hours of normal use powers the robot. Its infrared navigation system consists of a pair of IR emitters and a single IR receiver with a detection range of 3 to 5 inches. It also has an SD card slot for low level programming.

THE SOURCE: Think geek

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