The ILIFE A10 robot vacuum has mapping functions and built-in LIDAR



With advancements in robot vacuums, it is becoming more and more common that people no longer care about vacuuming their floors. Today we are going to discover the iLife A10 robot vacuum cleaner.

It has smart laser navigation and multi-story mapping. It has a powerful battery with up to 100 minutes of cleaning time on a single charge.

The iLife A10 is available on Amazon for $369.99. At this price, it fits the mid-level robot vacuum market. So let’s see what it’s all about.

What’s good about the iLife A10 robot vacuum cleaner?

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When looking to buy a robot vacuum, you need to consider several different factors. What type of floors will you be cleaning? Will it have enough battery life for your home?

One of the biggest assets of the iLife A10 is its laser navigation. You basically install the A10 robot vacuum in your home and it handles all the browsing for you.

It has cliff sensors to prevent falling down stairs or other multi-level areas of your home. And its floating roller brush can adapt to different floors for effective all-around cleaning.

It also has a cleaning attachment, which is quite nice. But mopping on robot vacuums tends to be a bit inferior, as mopping tends to take a little extra elbow grease.

The A10 also has multi-stage mapping technology. So you can have him learn the layout of your house upstairs to clean it, then take him downstairs to do the same.

You can manage the map using the iLifeHome app. The app lets you set custom cleaning zones, no-go zones, and more. There’s also an included remote that you can use for planning and manual navigation whenever you want.

And finally, the A10’s long-lasting battery is really nice. On average, the A10 can get around 100 minutes of cleaning out of a single battery. That’s good enough to handle homes with around 2,000 square feet of floor space.

But if the battery can’t get through the entire cleaning session, the A10 will automatically recharge.

Once the battery drops to 10%, the A10 automatically returns to its charging station to fully charge. Once charged, it will continue cleaning where it left off the first time.

What could be improved

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Of course, the A10 has a few flaws that prevent it from being a perfect robot vacuum option.

At this price, you can’t expect to get the best option available. However, some of the A10’s flaws are quite disappointing, even at this price.

  • No dump station: This one is somewhat expected, as dump stations are more common in high-end robot vacuums. But it would still be nice to see a more affordable option add an automatic dump station into the mix for a bit more convenience.
  • Disappointing suction: The A10 offers 2000Pa of suction, which was pretty normal. But in practice the A10 was a bit of a disappointment, unable to pick up mid-sized objects and mostly limited to dust and hair.
  • Has trouble mooring sometimes: One of the main advantages of a robot vacuum cleaner is its automatic recharging. But the A10 sometimes struggles to navigate itself to the docking station and needs a little manual assistance.

As you can see, the A10 has a few flaws that keep it from being great. It’s still a capable vacuum, but it would be nice to see some improvements to the suction and docking action.

Final Thoughts

ilife a10 front robot vacuum cleaner
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When it comes to robot vacuums, the iLife A10 falls into a bit of an odd place. It offers excellent navigation and multi-floor mapping with customization of your cleaning paths on the iLifeHome app.

And the cleaning function is quite a nice addition. It probably won’t handle grittier cleaning jobs, but it’s nice to keep your hard floors clean and tidy.

But it disappoints somewhat in suction performance. The 2000Pa suction leaves a lot to be desired and will only handle dust and the smallest objects you want to vacuum.

At $369.99, iLife’s A10 lacks a bit of the performance you’d like to see at this price. That said, it can be a solid option if you just want to maintain a clean floor. Don’t look for the A10 to handle life’s dirtiest messes.

The iLife A10 is available on Amazon for $369.99. Keep an eye on sales, as the A10 will shine at a slightly lower price.

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