The humanoid robot features a user-friendly control interface


Photo credit: Rollomatic

Rollomatic Inc., manufacturer in the field of cutting tool production, presents its Kawada humanoid, industrial robot. The design of this material handling system is intended to meet the increasing demands in the fields of IIoT and smart factory.

The Kawada humanoid robot autonomously performs tasks such as loading cassettes, inspecting tools before or after sharpening, laser marking, placing finished products in packaging tubes and laying labels on the tubes.

It is a new type of industrial robot capable of performing tasks in places that are difficult for traditional robots to reach due to its frame and size. It can be installed easily without the need to redesign production lines.

This efficient humanoid robot was designed to be placed seamlessly where a person usually operates and uses its head and two arms, equipped with cameras, to take on any tedious, dangerous or repetitive tasks, allowing workers to focus on areas that require creativity and generate greater added value.

Users can control and teach Nextage what to do with a visual and user-friendly interface. Nextage was also designed to be compatible with conventional industrial robots or other specialist equipment, allowing for the possibility of a team setting.

A self-contained cassette loading station is available using the Kawada humanoid robot. This station loads cutting tool blanks into Rollomatic cassettes from two different types of feeders: a V-type feeder and a vibrating bowl feeder.

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