Tesla’s Musk Confirms AI Day 2 Teaser Features Optimus Bot’s Real Hands



It turns out that the new AI Day 2022 teaser that Tesla recently uploaded depicts the real hands of Optimus, the Tesla Bot. This was confirmed by CEO Elon Musk in a recent Twitter reply.

AI Day 2022 is just hours away, and yesterday the official Tesla Twitter account posted a short video featuring robotic hands forming a heart. The video immediately caught the attention of Tesla watchers, especially since it featured a seemingly more mature design compared to the metal needles featured in AI Day 2022 posters.

Commenting on the video, Musk said on Twitter that the clip showed “Optimus’ hands.” And in a subsequent tweet, the Tesla CEO confirmed that the hands were “not CGI”.

Musk’s comments were very much in line with speculation from some members of the Tesla community, some of whom noted that the robotic hand movements in the teaser video were incredibly realistic. This is partly due to the hand movements actually not being perfect.

As seen in the short teaser, the right and left hands weren’t perfectly in sync. The right fingers could be seen brushing the thumb as the hands formed a heart shape, and the left and right thumbs weren’t completely aligned at the end. Amusingly enough, Optimus’ flawed hand movements were used by Tesla skeptics as a point of criticism as they supposedly showed the company’s incompetence in its animation efforts.

Tesla is expected to showcase its humanoid robot extensively on AI Day 2022. In previous comments, Musk noted that the event, while highly technical, will also feature hardware demonstrations. Considering Optimus’ prevalence in AI Day 2022 invites and teasers, it looks like the humanoid robot will be making some notable displays at the upcoming event.

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Tesla’s Elon Musk confirms AI Day 2 teaser features the real hands of the Optimus bot

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