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Tesla has updated its app for iOS to version 4.14, and with it comes two new features.

The first is iOS lock screen widgets. There are two widgets to choose from, both of which display the vehicle’s battery level. There’s a small circular widget that populates based on the vehicle’s charge status, and there’s a larger widget that includes the vehicle’s name and a numeric view of the vehicle’s battery level, either as a percentage , or in miles/km, depending on what your app has set it to.

Tesla introduces lock screen widgets for iOS

The second feature is the ability to unlock the driver’s side door from the app.

Model 3 and Model Y door handles are non-powered and with the right mix of water and cold weather the door handle can sometimes freeze on the door frame.

The ability to unlock the door from the app means the door handle isn’t used at all and the door is electronically unlocked, causing it to open just far enough for you to grab the side of the door. door to fully open it.

Unlock the door in action

The ability to unlock the door is only available on Model 3 and Model Y and requires your vehicle to be on update 2022.36 or later, which currently accounts for approximately 35% of the Tesla fleet.

To unlock the door, you will need to add the new “Unlock Door” icon to the Quick Actions section of the Tesla app that appears below the vehicle visualization.

Last updated: October 23, 4:50 a.m.

Unfortunately, Tesla hasn’t added the ability to unlock the door in other areas of the app, such as the Climate or Controls section, but hopefully that will come in a future update.

Currently, version 4.14 of the app is only available for iOS, but we expect it to be available soon in the Google Play store.

You can also check out the Tesla app 4.14 release notes.

By Gabe Rodriguez Morrison

Tesla will likely update its cameras to FSD 4.0 hardware

Few details have been revealed about Tesla’s next-generation FSD hardware, but news out of China suggests the new hardware will use vastly improved cameras.

One of Tesla’s suppliers appears to have produced and shipped new 5-megapixel cameras and sensors to Tesla. These new cameras will likely be used for HW4 as current hardware probably can’t keep up with 8.5 megapixel cameras.

Currently, Tesla uses cameras with 1.2 megapixel resolution, so this would be a major upgrade to current hardware.

The news comes from one of Tesla’s Chinese suppliers, Lianchuang Electronics. @ChrisZheng001who shared the news on Twitter, asked Elon Musk to confirm the details, but Musk did not respond.

The new camera details emerged when the vendor was asked if it would supply its 5-megapixel cameras to Tesla.

Translated from Chinese, the question reads: Tesla recently officially announced that from October, North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia and other markets , except mainland China, would fully implement the pure vision solution and officially upgrade to HW4.0 system, and replace the original cameras with 5MP HD cameras. As a supplier of Tesla’s cameras, will the company supply these 5MPs to Tesla’s supplier, Samsung, on a large scale?

A company official replied, “The company’s camera business is enjoying good momentum, and HW4.0 cameras have started mass production and shipment.” (translated from Chinese)

At Tesla’s first AI Day, Elon revealed Tesla’s plans for FSD hardware. He announced that Tesla was researching the next major hardware revision for full self-driving, HW4, which he said would be released with the introduction of the Cybertruck.

At the time, Elon also said that Tesla was considering new cameras, which matches recent statements from Tesla’s camera supplier in China.

Musk wouldn’t comment on HW4 on Day 2 of AI, but it’s possible the revised standalone computer is coming soon. As Elon mentioned on Day One of AI, the release of HW4 could be coupled with the release of the Cybertruck, which is expected to begin production in mid-2023.

Recently, the Cybertruck was spotted with what appeared to be cameras attached to the exterior of the vehicle, which could mean Tesla was testing new camera locations.

By Kevin Armstrong

Tesla held its third quarter 2022 earnings call on Wednesday

Tesla has grown at an incredible rate, but according to Elon Musk, we haven’t seen anything yet. The company’s CEO has therefore made the earnings call a must-attend event for investors and enthusiasts. The third quarter earnings call highlighted expected growth, buybacks and recoveries. After the call, Musk tweeted: I won’t let you down, no matter what. Here’s a quick recap of what we learned from the 58-minute call.

First, there are a few quick points before we get into more detailed highlights. Musk says the fourth quarter is shaping up to be “epic” and promises a record-breaking performance. Tesla is not “recession resistant”, but it is resilient. Musk sees no reason to slow production, as demand still far outstrips supply. RoboTaxi is progressing. The program would provide self-driving vehicles as taxis, but relies on the full self-driving program.

Tesla will have the largest market capitalization

In his opening remarks to investors, Musk made an extraordinary prediction. He said Tesla would have the largest market capitalization in the world, overtaking second place Saudi Aramco and first place Apple. Not only would his company take the lead, “In fact, I see a potential path for Tesla to be worth more than Apple and Saudi Aramco combined.”

The combined market capitalization of these two companies is over 4.4 trillion. Tesla is worth just over $690 billion. Musk says it won’t be easy, but “It’s going to take a lot of hard work, very creative new products, managing expansion and always – luck… We have an amazing product portfolio. I think we have the portfolio of most exciting products of any company on earth, some of which you have heard of, some of which you have not heard of.” He later added that this prediction did not include the arrival of Optimus in the market.Tesla recently updated its humanoid robot to be put to work in Tesla factories before being available globally in 2027.

Buybacks could take place in 2023

The subject of takeovers comes up regularly during these calls for results. Musk said it was discussed “thoroughly at the board level. The board generally thinks it makes sense to do a buyout.” He added that the company would consider a buyout of $5 billion to $10 billion, and even though 2023 is a down year, “it’s likely we’ll make some meaningful buybacks.”

Unfortunately, redemptions will not take place until the 1% tax on redemptions comes into force on January 1, 2023. Some believe this is the real reason why redemptions have been pushed back to next year , to avoid the optics of trying to dodge a new tax.

Tesla becomes the benchmark for the brightest minds

AI Day 2022 was a great success, not only for showcasing the Optimus and Full Self-Driving improvements, but also for generating interest in the company. Although AI Day is seen by many as a way for the company to show off its latest achievements, it is a recruitment campaign.

Tesla includes several staff members to discuss the projects, while Musk encourages interested people to apply. “We’ve seen a massive influx of world-class AI engineers and scientists picking up. So it’s sparked tremendous interest from some of the best AI researchers in the world. I can’t overemphasize the importance of that because I think it’s finally become clear to the smartest AI technologists in the world that Tesla is among the best.”

50% annual growth

Tesla is going to need all the help it can get. The company has always been committed to growing by 50% per year, both in terms of deliveries and revenues. “We plan to sell every car we make as far as we can see. So the factories are running at full capacity, and we’re delivering every car we make and keeping operating margins strong,” Musk said.

Despite the company’s strong growth, he admits that Tesla is still tiny overall: “We are still a very small percentage of the total number of vehicles on the road. Of the 2 billion cars and trucks on the road, we only have about 3.5 million. So we still have a long way to go to reach even 1% of the world fleet.”

That said, there has been a monumental shift towards electric vehicles over the past year, prompting Musk to say, “I think the general public realizes that everyone is moving towards electric vehicles and that it makes no sense to buy a new petrol car at this point because the residual value of that petrol car is going to be very low. So I think we have to be in a very good position.”

This means that there are two billion cars that could be retired in the coming years and replaced by electric vehicles. Therefore, the consumer pool will only grow and the demand for electric vehicles will continue to grow,

During its earnings call, Tesla also discussed its next Semi, which they plan to produce up to 50,000 units in 2024, the next Tesla model is already in the works and the latest on its beta FSD .

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