Switch to Official Android on the App Store: It’s Now Easier to Quit iOS


After advances, rumors and heard, Switch to Android for iOS it’s official. For some time, Google has been planning to offer an application on the App Store that could help users wishing to switch from Apple’s operating system to that of the green robot. Not that there was no shortage of alternative solutions – see Android Switch of 2014 – but with this app the Mountain View firm intends to make the “definitive” tool available, exactly as in the case of Switch to iOS available on Play Store to make the change in the opposite direction.


Switch to Android – this is the official name of the app for the Italian market – “helps you quickly and securely move your most important data types, such as photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events, to a new Android device without using messy cables“It’s basically an app that walks us through the data transfer process step by step (contacts, events, photos and videos) and configuration of the new device, recalling, among other things, some important details such as deactivating Messages on the iPhone. It is also possible copy photos and videos from iCloud However, this process requires permission from Apple.

The app will certainly be very convenient for those who intend to make the switch to Android: no cables, no complicated process, just download the app and follow what is indicated on the screen. But beware: at least for now, Switching to Android is hidden in the sense that it is accessible – and downloadable – direct link only (found below). Currently, manual search on the App Store does not return any results.

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