Supernatural fitness app becomes part of Meta after Facebook touts VR fitness


Meta has announced that the studio behind the VR training game Supernatural will join the company, adding to the roster of studios owned by what was once known as Facebook’s Oculus division. The company claims that Within, the company behind Supernatural, will continue to work on the popular fitness app and will also help Meta’s Reality Labs “improve future hardware to support VR fitness apps.”

The Meta Within pickup doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise: it’s spent the last few years acquiring tons of popular VR studios, like Lonely echo devs Ready at Dawn, the team behind Beat the saber, and others working on projects that some have called the VR versions of Fortnite and Roblox.

Given Meta’s emphasis on its helmets as training tools (Supernatural even received a caption in its Connect talk on Thursday), it indicates that Zuckerberg’s company would like to add a popular VR fitness game to the game. his list. This move, however, doesn’t help fears that Meta will end up owning the entire VR market.

While supernatural is Within’s flagship app, according to the company’s website, it also hosted virtual reality experiences – in 2016, the Mr. Robot A virtual reality episode (executive produced by Within founder Chris Milk) aired on the app, and the company’s website features dozens of documentaries, music videos, and more. This streaming technology and content library isn’t a bad thing either for a business trying to create a metaverse where people hang out and watch content together.

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