Stray presents a niche Skyrim Easter egg


Wander has been out for a whole day, and already it’s taken the internet by storm. Thank goodness for that.

If you’re wondering why your Twitter feed is nothing but puzzled cats in front of TV screens, it’s because Annapurna Interactive’s new indie title is this month’s absolute hit for the gaming industry, bringing an adorable stray tabby cat to a cyberpunk future in adventure. of a lifetime. It also has a dedicated meow button, in case you need more reassurance that the game is truly something you’ll fall in love with.

And no less than 24 hours after launch, players have unearthed the game’s many Easter eggs – and one references the fantastical giant Skyrim.

Stray boasts of a cute Skyrim Easter egg

Among the enamelled references of the collapsing world Wanderwe pay tribute to the masterpiece of Bethesda The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrimand Sojiro’s culinary past.

As YouTuber xGarbett discovered, talking to your robot pal will reveal that a very specific injury has kept him from pursuing his dream of running his own bar.

When you approach one of the bars drilled into the wall of Wandertalking to Sojiro will prompt him to tell you about his past – “I used to have a bar. It was the coziest place in here. Until I took a screwdriver in the knee, and it’s shut down now.”

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ll recognize this as a play on the “took an arrow in the knee” meme that’s been circulating since it was first uttered. once by a Stormcloak guard.

But many people have misinterpreted the meaning of the gag.

“Take an arrow in the knee” doesn’t mean what you think it means

Many people assumed that SkyrimThe main meme of is entirely literal, and that the guard talking to the player suffered an injury that prevented him from enjoying the adventurous life that the Dragonborn enjoys – but that might not the case.

Taking an arrow to the knee is a Norse saying that actually means getting married – so rather than getting injured on the pitch, the guard probably just settled down. We would be happy for him if he didn’t seem so unhappy about it.

Who knows if the same counts for Sojiro, and he has a family we don’t know much about – but either way, we think he’d run a bar like it was the Navy.

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