Stock Insights Mobile App: Looking for the perfect stock for an investment strategy? look no further


Additionally, the curators will intelligently track and update the performance of the ideas and close them when the goal has been reached.

Main features of Stock Insights

  • Newly Organized investment ideas arrive daily and hourly, 24/7.
  • Recommendations are collected from Several Sources in a handy list.
  • Winner rate statistics and information about each author.
  • Editors select and carefully review only the best ideas before publishing.
  • Receive mobile notifications every time new idea.
  • Changes and updates are delivered quickly.
  • Have notifications when closing ideas (those added to favourites).
  • Learn more about the idea and why the author thinks it will be a profitable investment (available with paid subscription).
  • Various filter options: company, sources of ideas, profitability, horizon, currency, industry, BPA, financial data, etc.

Using the application is simple and the user interface is very intuitive, complete and user-friendly. Launching the app will take you directly to the list of investment ideas represented in blocks. Each block displays the name of the stock security and the table of statistics over the past two years. You can see the current stock price, earnings, and an expected value in 1 year.

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