Startup to Showcase Face-Scanning Privacy App at SXSW



Hummingbirds AI will be looking to ramp up its business when it heads to next month’s SXSW festival in Austin, TX. To that end, the company has revealed that it will be one of 50 finalists showcasing angel investors and venture capitalists as part of the SXSW Pitch Festival during the first weekend of the event.

At the Festival, Hummingbirds will compete with its GuacamoleID solution in the Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Voice category. GuacamoleID is a facial authentication product that officially debuted at CES earlier this year, and provides continuous identity verification for people using camera-equipped devices.

In this regard, GuacamoleID works like any other face-based access control solution, in that it uses facial recognition to ensure that only registered users can access sensitive documents. However, GuacamoleID goes a step further to provide ongoing identity verification beyond an initial login. The solution will automatically revoke access if it doesn’t recognize the person in front of the screen, and can also monitor the background to thwart any spies that might try to look over a legitimate user’s shoulder. In these cases, the platform will similarly pull access if an unfamiliar face enters the camera’s field of view.

The SXSW Pitch Festival will kick off on March 12 and conclude with an awards ceremony on Sunday, March 13. The winning startups in each of the 10 categories will be announced at that time, while one of those winners will be declared Best in Show for the entire event. The 50 finalists (five in each category) for the 14and The annual Pitch Festival was selected from a pool of applicants totaling 655 companies.

Hummingbirds noted that the majority (82%) of Pitch Festival attendees secured funding, while 17% would be acquired by a tech giant like Apple or Google. Smart Eye Technology has also released a document sharing app that hides the screen if it notices a potential snooper.

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