Starfield should “steal” these features from the outer worlds.


Bethesda’s first new IP in 25 years, Starfield, is one of the most anticipated RPGs of this generation. Bethesda Softworks entered the mainstream with groundbreaking RPGs like Fallout 3 and Ancient scrolls series. However, Obsidian Entertainment briefly worked on the series with Fallout: New Vegas, a derivative game between Fallout 3 and Fallout 4. More recently, Obsidian has been working on The outer worlds series, with a sequel in development. Bethesda and Obsidian share similar game design philosophies and are giants in the RPG world.

With Starfield expected to be released in a little over a year, it should consider building on the latest successful IP from its closest development partner, The outer worlds. As Obsidian Entertainment is familiar with and has experience with Publication date, much of this style of humor dominates the experiences of players within The outer worlds. This is especially evident with the rift system, in which players who experience the same thing might develop a phobia or weakness for that thing, robots, for example. Plus, science weapons and character creation allow for an incredible amount of build variety and replayability, which all RPGs should aim for.

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The faults of the worlds outside Starfield


In The outer worlds, it is very likely that for one reason or another the player will receive one or two character faults. As mentioned, these are caused by continuous interaction with one of the game’s systems. Players who enjoy sneaking around, but continually get caught by guards in restricted areas, are likely to have the paranoid fault. , which reduces all of the player’s personality attributes by one. Not all bad, however, as with every flaw comes a point of advantage to spend on anything, giving players a little push to offset this unique drawback.

There are fifteen different faults in The outer worlds, each with its own drawback and a specific requirement to receive them. It should be noted that by default, these flaws are optional and can be rejected by the player if he wishes. It is recommended that you accept them as it allows for unique role-playing and gameplay options that can create some truly memorable moments and games. This system is unique to The outer worlds and really stands out from other RPGs, including the Publication date series.

It seems unlikely that Starfield would incorporate the defect system exactly as it appears in The outer worlds. The relatively serious atmosphere within Starfield, based on the trailers released so far, it wouldn’t make sense to include flaws in the same way as The outer worlds Is. However, he could still use this general idea of ​​negative character traits based on how the player acts in the world. The aforementioned paranoid flaw is neutral in tone and could be easily implemented after being caught committing illegal actions, for example.

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Scientific weapons of the outer worlds


One of the other most memorable features of The outer worlds was his scientific weapons. They were unique weapons that had all kinds of wacky and useful effects. These range from the self-explanatory Shrink Ray and Gloop Gun, to the Mandibular Rearranger, which resizes body parts on contact with an enemy, in addition to dealing respectable damage. The following DLCs for The outer worlds has increased the number of science weapons in the game, proving that it is a popular feature among fans and developers.

Again, the wacky and eccentric setting of The outer worlds means his scientific weapons, as they are, might not be the best solution Starfield. Instead of, Starfield should consider incorporating equally powerful and futuristic science weapons. Instead of serving a more comical purpose, they should be the most powerful elements of by Starfield arsenal and be capable of impressive destruction. They should be similar to the Fat Man of Publication date series, but adopting a more plausible design than the miniature nuke launcher of these games, in order to maintain the serious and optimistic atmosphere of Starfield.

Starfield build variety

Starfield has twice as much dialogue as Skyrim

The two previous characteristics combine with The outer worlds’ Extensive character creator that allows for a staggering amount of different and viable versions. The outer worlds goes even further than Fallout: New Vegas in terms of allowing very different approaches to each situation.

It is just as possible to complete the game without killing anyone as it is to complete it killing everyone possible. There are completely skippable missions as well as a unique ending that sees the player accidentally killing the last human colony, provided their intelligence stat is low enough. It gives the impression that the developers have really thought of everything and that one approach was not inherently better than another.

This type of balance is something Bethesda struggled with in its previous games, but has shown signs of improvement as with the pacifism system in Fallout 4. There is a reason why the “Stealth Archer” is the ideal build for Skyrim players. This is arguably the funniest and most engaging build, as the stealth system is fleshed out in a way that magic and close combat are not comparatively fleshed out.

Creating a good RPG doesn’t necessarily mean having a lot of independent systems. Often times it is better to have a smaller amount of fully extended systems that interact with each other in interesting ways. A small number of deep systems is generally better than a large number of shallow systems. The outer worlds has only six attributes and 42 perks while Skyrim has eighteen skill trees and 251 perks.

Considering similar game design principles from Bethesda Softworks and Obsidian Entertainment, it seems likely that Starfield will pick up some features from Obsidian’s latest game The outer worlds. The best parts of The outer worlds would be a great choice for Starfield, after making some key changes to make them more meaningful in this universe. The role-playing potential of negative character flaws and the unique gameplay paired with fascinating science weapons would create the potential for a wider variety of builds. It would be even further ahead if Bethesda took a “less is more” approach to its skills, benefits and attributes.

Starfield will be released on November 11, 2022, for PC and Xbox Series X / S.

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