Sonic Prime Netflix Teaser Features A Fight With Shadow


Prime Sonicthe expected Netflix animated series based on sonic the hedgehog, got her first solo teaser video on Tuesday. The show was first announced in 2021 and is produced by Man of Action Entertainment and Wildbrain. The previous animation Sonic series, Supersonic Detonationended in 2017 after its second season.

Check out the trailer below. The show is set to debut in the winter of 2022.

The Prime Sonic trailer features Sonic running through sets resembling well-known scenes sonic the hedgehog stages, as well as his eternal conflict with Dr. Eggman. Characters like Big the Cat also appear and Sonic battles with Shadow the Hedgehog and Eggman’s robot.

There have been several sonic the hedgehog anime series over the years, starting with the years 1993 The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehogproduced by DiC Entertainment. Prime Sonic will be the second animated by CG Sonic series after Supersonic Detonation. Although many elements from the game (and previous shows) appear in sonic prime, the one that won’t be returning is the English-speaking voice of Sonic. Roger Craig Smith, who voiced Sonic from 2010, said he wouldn’t be returning to voice the character for First Sonic. Deven Mack, who voiced Vangelis from ninjago, Wynton’s Bakuganand Chuck of Angry Birds: Summer Madnesswill voice Sonic in the new series.

Prime Sonic premieres on Netflix in winter 2022. A live action Sonic mini-series is in development, tied to the sonic the hedgehog live-action feature films and is set to debut on the Paramount+ streaming service in 2023.

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