SHINEDOWN Launches “Planet Zero Observer” Interactive App


Before the release of his new studio album “Planet Zero” July 1, SHINE orbits Planet Zero by unveiling its interactive application, the planet zero observer.

By allowing access to location and gyroscope on your mobile device, fans can discover Planet Zero in orbit, as well as other secrets in the sky. By using the Observerfans can unlock exclusive content, messages from SHINE and Cyrenean insidious and disturbing robot character that appears throughout “Planet Zero”share content and much more.

The planet zero observer was designed by Lee Martinan in-demand creative who develops cutting-edge digital experiences and content, pushing the boundaries of how we interact and interact with music.

Click here to download the planet zero observer.

As stated earlier, SHINE will celebrate the arrival of “Planet Zero” with a free Veeps worldwide live broadcast of its record-breaking event on July 1. Taking place at Daddy Kool Records in St. Petersburg, Florida, starting at 3 p.m. EST, SHINE will feature a free, ticketed outdoor show followed by a celebration and in-store signing with fans.

Please visit the event page here to access the free ticket for this special release day livestream experience, which will be shared with fans around the world by Veepsa premium concert streaming platform launched by Joel and Benji Madden and part of National Live Entertainment.

Fans wishing to attend the performance in person at Daddy Kool Records can claim a free ticket here. The first 500 people to pre-order “Planet Zero” on exclusive clear LP/CD and select in-store pickup as the shipping option here will guarantee you access to the in-store signing (which is separate from the performance ticket). The albums will be distributed in store at the signing following the show.

Earlier this month, SHINE released a soaring and poignant anthem, “Day light”. The track is the latest addition to a catalog that has earned the SHINE recognition from members for their timely and relevant messages behind their chart-topping successes that resonate not only with their global audiences and the rock community, but also with the general public and our culture at large. With over 6.5 billion global streams, the record for most #1 rock hits of all time, platinum or gold certification for all of their albums, and major media acclaim, SHINE cemented their status as one of music’s most vital and forward-thinking powerhouses.

“Planet Zero”‘s already released the first single “Planet Zero” and album track “Saints of Violence and Innuendo” presented an album that is an incisive yet optimistic look at the fractures and frays of a society that has seen many challenges in recent years, seeing SHINE confront the forces that keep us divided at a time when we need to come together. The high concept and viscerally charged album, produced by SHINEit is Eric Bass, takes a critical look at the division between those of different ideologies, the cancellation culture rife, the toxicity of social media, the need for honesty in our public discourse, and the corrosive effects of these things on mental health and life. ‘humanity. A dystopian saga that warns of dangerous dehumanizing consequences, “Planet Zero” is a reminder that if we close ourselves off to each other, we risk losing empathy, respect for each other, and our ability to communicate and unite in a way that leads to real progress and understanding. The album also shares hope, perseverance, triumph and reminders that we all need each other, as on “Day light”. After all, it’s the band’s passionate search for unity that has long been at the heart of its creative output.

The “Planet Zero” around the world (produced by nation live) begins in Bonner Springs, Kansas on September 3 with special guests JELLY ROLLS and Jean Harvie, kicking off a series of fall shows across the US that will see the record-breaking, chart-topping group bring their new music, No. 1 hits, fan favorites and biggest show on stage to date in cities coast to coast. Routing also includes festival performances at stronger than life September 23 in Louisville, Kentucky and replica on October 9 in Sacramento, Calif.

Three weeks ago, SHINE embarked on a European series of selected festivals and shows with IRON MAIDEN and will follow it with Canadian dates with special guests POP BAD and AYRON JONES in July and August.

Photo credit: Sanjay Parikh

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