SD Gundam Battle Alliance will have different features based on the platform


Bandai Namco will release SD Gundam Battle Alliance on multiple platforms. While the company has released Gundam games on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC consoles via Steam, Battle Alliance will be the first Gundam game to release on Xbox consoles and the Microsoft storefront since 2008’s Xbox 360 title Gundam: Operation Troy.

All versions will have the same playable content, such as the many pilots and Mobile Suits revealed in three batches so far and the DLC additions after release. But they will have some differences in other aspects, such as music and multiplayer access.

We have compiled all the important differences between the platform versions and Japanese official website, and you can read them right after the jump. SD Gundam Battle Alliance will be available simultaneously worldwide on August 25th.

Resolution and frame rate

PS5 and Xbox Series X are the two consoles that will offer the best resolution in 4K (3840×2160) and a stable frame rate of 60 fps. The PS4 and Xbox One usually only have 1080p (1920×1080), although the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X can go up to 4K. But even the upgraded versions of the latest generation console will have their frame rates fixed at 30 fps. The Xbox Series S falls somewhere in the middle, as it can support 1440p (2560×1440) with a variable frame rate of up to 60 fps.

As for the PC version, the maximum supported resolution and frame rate will depend on the PC specifications. However, Bandai Namco promises that the game can run at a stable 60fps with the following recommended specs:

  • CPU/Processor: Intel Core i5-10600K
  • GPU/Graphics Card: GeForce RTX 2080 8GB
  • RAM/Memory: 16 GB

The Nintendo Switch is at the bottom of this list. It will only support 720p when connected to TV and 540p when not connected. It also has a variable frame rate that only goes up to 30 fps.

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Multiplayer cooperation

Multiplayer functionality generally works the same on all platforms. The game supports up to 3 people playing from different consoles, but there will be no shared offline co-op.

Cross-platform multiplayer is only supported between consoles of the same family. This means PS4 players can connect with PS5 users, while Xbox One players can play with Xbox Series X|S users. The Windows PC version on Microsoft Store is supposed to be able to play with Xbox players. This leaves Switch and PC Steam users who can only play with players on the same platform.

Despite the other limitations, the Switch will have a unique feature where its players can access local co-op by connecting up to three Switch units located near each other.

Paid subscription is also a factor when reading online. Each console will require the respective subscription – PlayStation Plus, Xbox Live Gold or Nintendo Switch Online – to access online multiplayer. It’s still unclear if the Windows PC version on Microsoft Store also requires an Xbox subscription, but Steam is the only confirmed platform that shouldn’t require any paid subscription for online multiplayer. Switch’s unique local co-op feature will also allow players to enjoy multiplayer without the online subscription.

Music Options

SD Gundam Battle Alliance will have a Custom Music feature, but only for PlayStation and PC Steam versions. As with Bandai Namco’s other mecha games like G Generation and Super Robot Wars, the Custom Music feature will allow users to install their own MP3 files with the following constant rates:

  • Sampling frequency (Hz): 32000, 44100, 48000
  • Bitrates (kbps): 96, 112, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256, 320

PlayStation users will need to ensure that MP3 files are loaded onto USB storage with a folder named SDGBAMUSIC in its root directory. It also has a file size limit of 1 GB. The Steam version will have no file size restriction, and players can also place the files in any folder as the game will ask them to specify the location folder.

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For players on other platforms, the only option available to add more tracks to the game will be the Premium sound and data package. This paid DLC will add vocal songs from featured anime titles and themed BGMs from other Gundam games. Unlike Custom MP3s, players will be able to choose to start songs on an internal loop from the beginning or the middle. This DLC will also be available on PlayStation platforms, but Bandai Namco has not announced plans to bring it to the PC Steam version.

Bandai Namco seems to be treating the Windows PC version on Microsoft Store as similar to the Xbox versions, so while it will also have Premium Music DLC, there’s no confirmation if the Microsoft Store version will support custom music. If you care more about Custom Music on PC, we recommend getting the Steam version.

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