REVER and Charles River Analytics introduce first in-app safety features for motorcyclists



EAGLE, col., February 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — DREAMthe Colorado-powersports app and part of the Comoto family of brands, today announced a collaboration with Charles River Analytics to introduce the industry’s first motorcycle hazard warning app integration based on rider input.

The collaboration showcases Charles River Analytics’ technology – “Bolstering Awareness with Real-Time Rider Alerting and Cueing for Upcoming Danger Avoidance” (BARRACUDA) – as a user-generated feature in the REVER app that encourages riders to share accurate, real-time information about the roads and trails they explore. The software is designed to help create safer roads, build community and increase access to relevant information for riders, wherever they are. The development of BARRACUDA by Charles Rives Analytics was funded by the Federal Highway Administration under the United States Department of Transportation. Small Business Innovation Research Program.

Unlike motorists, motorcyclists are much more vulnerable to road hazards. Potholes, bad weather and slippery roads can pose immense danger to cyclists and increase the likelihood of accidents. BARRACUDA provides timely hazard alerts designed to minimize distractions and ultimately keep riders safe. REVER users can interact with the BARRACUDA feature in a variety of ways, including through voice commands and button-based commands.

REVER has the largest online community of bikers. Through this partnership with Charles River Analytics, REVER will bring BARRACUDA to its millions of motorsports enthusiasts and app users. Users will be able to natively interact and provide accurate, real-time hazard reports, laying the foundation for a mass movement towards increased driver safety.

BARRACUDA is available for REVER users on the Android platform, with the iOS version currently in private beta.

“This joint venture exemplifies the care and concern that the US DOT shares with us regarding the safety and well-being of motorcyclists. The BARRACUDA SBIR project needed a large community of motorcyclists to bring this vision to life, and we knew the REVER network was an optimal starting point,” said justin bradshaw, vice-president of mobile operations at REVER. “We like to think of BARRACUDA as the Waze for motorcyclists, but with an increased focus on safety. Access to our millions of motorsports enthusiasts has allowed us to work with our partners to create a comprehensive platform, powered by the user, which warns riders of road hazards. . This fills a huge need for our community and we are thrilled to be part of the team bringing this technology to life.”

“Motorcyclists can now benefit from advanced technology that improves their safety and adds to their experience while on the road,” said Dr. Elaine B.Coleman, vice president of marketing at Charles River Analytics. “We are grateful to the US DOT for choosing Charles River for an SBIR award to develop our app, and we’re very excited to partner with REVER on a solution that allows riders to avoid and report hazards without sacrificing safety.”

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