Rejuve launches AI-powered app to remove anti-aging privileges


Longevity research network, Rejuve.AI today unveiled its first app, Longevity, which combines artificial intelligence (AI), world-leading research and blockchain technology to make breakthroughs in extending the human life. In an industry first, Longevity will give users full control over their health data as part of its mission to democratize and advance scientific breakthroughs in longevity that were previously inaccessible beyond the fields of academia or the wealth.

The app uniquely uses AI to pull results from hundreds of scientific aging studies to give users insight into their current risk score, the nine characteristics of aging plus a proposed additional tenth characteristic, and health recommendations regarding factors such as weight, sleep, exercise, lifestyle and diet. This not only gives users a live record of their personal health, but also gives them access to the latest advances in longevity research.

Powered by SingularityNET’s AI, which powers the brain of Hanson Robotics’ Sophia the Robot (the world’s first citizen robot), the Longevity app will bring innovative and comprehensive features, tools and products to market, including personalized health recommendations and information, age estimation biological information, health surveys, health tracking, blood test data and rewards.

The app is designed to empower its users by ensuring that they receive a fair share of revenue from the use of their data. Users will be able to securely add personal medical, biological and lifestyle data to a database that provides members with personalized health recommendation information. In exchange for this contribution, users will also receive Rejuve Tokens (RJV), which they can use to purchase supplements, longevity clinic services and spas, wearable devices, and medical and DNA tests. This data collected by the app will then be anonymized and encrypted and used by a network of researchers to discover new longevity therapies.

“Contemporary clinical and laboratory techniques to deliver the data, aided by AI analysis, simulation and reasoning tools to process it, can bring profound insights into understanding and reversing human aging to short term,” said Jasmine Smith, CEO of Rejuve.

“Rejuve.AI is ready to lead the way in inventing and refining new solutions, using AI to discover new anti-aging treatments,” she continued.

Deborah Duong, CTO of Rejuve, added, “To accelerate progress toward radical health outreach, we need more than groundbreaking science and adventurous clinicians and patients – we also need need better ways to organize and regulate how biomedical participants and stakeholders interact.

The app, which is launching today to a closed community of 500 users, will be available to the public later in 2022 on both Android and iOS. The app will be free to download, with premium services available by subscription.

About Rejuve
Rejuve.AI is SingularityNET’s revolutionary, decentralized, AI-driven app that aims to help humanity achieve radical longevity, by rewarding participants for their data and making the resulting breakthroughs affordable and accessible to everyone. all.

About SinguarityNET
SingularityNET is a comprehensive AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol and the first and only decentralized platform for AIs to cooperate and coordinate at scale, removing one of the major factors limiting the growth of AI today – the lack of interoperability – which greatly restricts the ability to leverage the strengths and capabilities of individual AIs.

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