PSVR 2 release date backward compatibility features remain unknown


Sony makes no commitment to ensure backward compatibility with PSVR 2 or a 2022 release date for the new headset.

Earlier this week, Sony revealed all new details about the PSVR 2 headset during its presentation at CES 2022. Axios reporter Stephen Totilo asked Sony about the backward compatibility of the new headset, as well as ‘it would come out later this year, as you can see in the tweet below, but neither topic was answered by a Sony spokesperson.

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This means that we ultimately don’t know when the PS VR2 headset will actually launch and if it will support existing PSVR titles like Astro Bot Rescue Mission, for example. Previously, Sony had said the next-gen headset wouldn’t launch until 2022, firmly putting a potential 2023 release window in speculation.

Sony first unveiled the PSVR 2 headset in February 2021, simply announcing that the VR headset was in development specifically for PS5 consoles. Fast forward almost a year, and we had learned that the brand new controllers for the PS VR2 headset would support both adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, both offered by the PS5’s DualSense controller.

Now, however, thanks to Sony’s presentation at CES 2022, we know that the PS VR2 will deliver 4K HDR OLED displays with 110-degree field of view, 2000×2040 resolution for each eye, frame rates up to at 120 Hz, and eliminates the need for an external camera. The PS VR2 headset might be a bit further on the horizon, but it’s already shaping up to be promising tech, with an exclusive Horizon game even in development at Guerrilla.

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