Pok Pok Playroom iOS app for kids gets even better with new major update “Town”


The fantastic Pok Pok Playroom kids app gets its latest update today with a big extension of “Town”. This new toy is amazing for open play that encourages storytelling, fine motor skills, cause and effect, planning, sharing, problem solving and more.

If you have young children and haven’t tried the Pok Pok game room yet, it really offers a magical experience. At this point, shortly after its launch, Pok Pok won an Apple Design Award.

The creators have also posted regular updates, and today’s launch brings a whole new world of possibilities to the “Town” toy.

The Pok Pok team have gone out of their way to make the city more engaging, inspiring and inclusive. They even worked with Sarah Kaufman of NYU, Associate Director, NYU Rudin Center for Transportation and Assistant Assistant Professor, City Planning.

Here’s what you’ll find in the updated Pok Pok Town:

  • We worked with a New York City planner to expand the city into an eco-friendly downtown cityscape.
  • Hundreds of new homes, vehicles, stores, restaurants, community spaces and businesses
  • Eco-friendly trip with bike paths, walking trails and a train Presentation of a working urban farm and a farmer’s market
  • New event spaces and cultural centers with evolving content Natural green space and lots of nature to explore
  • Featuring a diverse group of children, adults, the elderly and animals

As part of a clever movie set now included in Town, there are even some fun “props” and “sets” to play with like a dinosaur, spaceship, robot, castle, mountain, and more.

Pok Pok Playroom is available on the App Store with a 14-day free trial. After that, it costs $ 3.99 / month or $ 29.99 / year.

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