Payroll app ranking sees gaps in scores


Sometimes payday seems a long way off. There’s a similar sentiment in the latest PYMNTS Ranking of payroll application providers because, in some cases, there is a difference of 10, 20 or more points between the scores of the competitors. A competitor passes, then there is a long wait before the next one appears.

As a result, this month’s top 10 includes apps with a wide range of scores and an 81-point difference between leader and 10th. Still, there’s a close race up front, with second just two points behind.

Let’s take a closer look.

The first five

Top of the list this month is Paychex Flex. And, like last time, he got a perfect score of 100.

Retaining second place, like last time, is Pay. This app is two points behind with a score of 98.

After a 10-point gap on the field, there is the third-place contender, MonPay Alliance. This app got a score of 88.

After another space in the peloton – 11 points this time – there is the competitor in fourth position. QuickBooks payroll checks this month with a score of 77.

Nine points behind that and running fifth, there’s Zenefits. This app has a score of 68.

Top 10

Running right behind that and holding position #6 is Ripple. With a score five points higher than last month – now at 67 – this app is one of our movers and shakers.

After these two contenders neck and neck, there is a 20-point gap on the field. In seventh place there is Square pay with a rating of 47.

Then, each with a score of 46, are payroll guruwho occupied this place the last time, and TriNet, which has gained two positions since last month. TriNet also added seven points to its score, making it this month’s top mover and shaker.

Holding ninth place, like last time, is RUN powered by ADP. This app has a score of 45.

Joining the top 10 this month in the final position is SurePayroll. With a score of 19, this provider of online payroll and related services closes this month’s edition of PYMNTS’ payroll application provider rankings.



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