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The Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Prof. Isa Pantami, hailed the Uniccon Group’s commitment to playing a vital role in advancing technological innovations in Nigeria and Africa.

Speaking at the world’s largest tech event, GITEX, held recently at the Dubai World Trade Center in the United Arab Emirates, he hailed the group’s innovation by officially unveiling Africa’s first humanoid robot named Omeifé.

Established by Uniccon Group of Companies, one of Nigeria’s fastest growing tech startups that offers eclectic and innovative tech solutions to businesses and government agencies across Africa, Omeife is a six-foot tall African humanoid woman high that provides language as a service to businesses needing to integrate native African audiences. It is also a versatile and assistance robot. She speaks African languages ​​and is programmed to have a deep understanding of African culture and behaviors.

Omeife also has terrain intelligence, knowing the ground and having ground stability, which helps him navigate uneven surfaces and maintain good balance. It also has GPS for location and status management to know if the system is standing, walking, talking, etc., as well as advanced gestures. He expresses himself by speaking, giving hand illustrations, smiling and making other bodily gestures.

Enjoying a good grip, he has the ability to understand the shape and how to hold things with his hand. When it comes to conversation, he has real-time understanding, can actively listen, and focus on a specific conversation thread as it unfolds.

It has the ability to switch languages ​​and interact with specific gestures and has a native accent, with detailed pitch and vocabulary pronunciation of words, phrases, and even phrases.

Omeife can also identify and label humans through face and facial expressions; pay attention to a specific item when necessary; identify objects and know their characteristics as well as calculate the positions and the distance of the objects he sees.

The group added that it was built with the best social interactive skills as it can pay attention to a specific person to keep conversations alive, is polite, careful and aware of words, phrases, sentences and expressions that are not polite in African cultures; safe for children and non-reactive; knowledgeable in various fields and always teachable as he has a learning pipeline to always improve and understand new things from conversations and has the ability to recall, better understand old concepts with new information.

Speaking on the Omeife project, Chuks Ekwueme, CEO of Uniccon Group of Companies, said, “Africa is rapidly being recognized for its contribution to the global technology ecosystem. Through Omeife and other projects, we are happy to play a part in helping businesses and people across Africa realize their full potential by giving them access to the most innovative technologies for greater efficiency.

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