Obi-Wan’s Sexuality, Tomb Raider Leaks, and Stray’s Fashion


Happy Thursday friends! It’s that time of the week again where we give ourselves a pat on the back and highlight some of TheGamer’s best features that you may have missed, but really should check out. Modesty is the best policy, I know.

This week saw a wide range of different topics, including reactions to a recent Star Wars book’s reveal that Obi-Wan may be bisexual, new information about the upcoming Tomb Raider and how it could be a good thing for the series.

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We also have pieces on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 having a non-binary character, Game Pass issues giving us too much freedom with our games, and a Stray-inspired lookbook so you can dress like the game’s surprisingly stylish robots.


Obi-Wan Season 2 must explore his sexuality

The recently released Star Wars spin-off book, Padawan, contains text that strongly hints that Obi-Wan is bisexual or asexual, a side of the character that we haven’t really seen explored. News and photo editor James Troughton thinks it’s good character development for Obi-Wan, and we should see more of it in a second season of the Obi-Wan Kenobi show. More representation is always a good thing, especially in characters who have never explored it.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is non-binary and you have to get over it

Speaking of representation always being a good thing, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has a non-binary side character, Juniper, and that’s awesome. Feature Editor Jade King anticipates all the bigotry and hate she usually receives for highlighting something that should be celebrated in the game and saying if you have a problem with it, you should just get over it. . It really is that simple.

Don’t Write Tomb Raider Because of Leaks

One of the biggest news stories to come this week was the leaking of details about the upcoming Tomb Raider game, currently dubbed “Jawbreaker”. Reactions to the leaks have been quite mixed, with some noting that it feels less like Tomb Raider if there’s a group of people attacking tombs, among other things. TheGamer editor Stacey Henley says the new Tomb Raider actually seems like a great idea to evolve Lara Croft and the series, especially when it’s in the midst of its longest drought ever. Just give new things a chance, huh?

Game Pass, Netflix and the curse of having too many choices

These days (wow, I just apparently got old after saying that) we have more choice than ever in how we consume our media with services like Game Pass and Netflix. Editor Andy Kelly feels we’ve been cursed with power, however, and writes that none of his experiences seem as meaningful or thorough now that he doesn’t spend money on each individual thing, and that actively prevents it from experiencing more games properly. Sometimes less is more.

Get the Look Stray Edition

Get the Look: Stray Edition

Finally, let’s end things on a high note – aren’t Stray’s bots awesome? Features editor and apparent fashionista Ben Sledge did us all the favor of studying the fashions of some of Stray’s robot inhabitants, then finding where you can, say it with me, have the look. Who knew robots wore Prada? Dear Prada and more.

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