Numonix Expands Compliance and Business Features of Its IXCloud Compliance Registration Service for Microsoft Teams


IXCloud is a Microsoft Teams certified compliance recording solution

BOCA RATON, Florida., January 11, 2022 /CNW/ — Numonix, developer of a versatile interaction recording solution for unified communications platforms, today announced expanded compliance and business functionality for its fully cloud-based compliance recording service. managed IXCloud® for Microsoft Teams. Among the first Microsoft Azure-based registration solutions, IXCloud’s new features provide extensive automation, control and customization capabilities to help ensure compliance and reduce liability while improving convenience, flexibility and utilisation facility. IXCloud is a Microsoft Teams certified compliance recording solution.

Numonix offers the industry’s most versatile interaction recording solution for unified communications and Microsoft® Skype® for Business users and service providers. With over 300 customization options, a Windows 10-like tiled dashboard, and enhanced omnichannel playback, Numonix’s RECITE interaction recording solution provides advanced features at no extra cost, giving users full control over how they experience their records and agent/customer data. (PRNewsFoto/Numonix, LLC)

“We are excited to announce new and improved IXCloud features, in particular the release of our native Teams app for on-demand recording and compliance muting. These will further enable businesses to have a increased flexibility in how they log their interactions while facilitating compliance,” mentioned Avi Margolin, CEO and CTO of Numonix. “We are currently working on some exciting new features that we can’t wait to share.”

New features include:

  • Recording external participants for Teams meetings: Automatically record meetings in which external participants are present during the call. This feature is triggered dynamically depending on the presence of an external correspondent or a PSTN.

  • On-demand recording using a Native Teams app: Recordings are stored securely in IXCloud, taking advantage of all of IXCloud’s compliance features.

  • Mute: Integrated mute functionality for PCI and other compliance regulations or sensitive information. This can be used for calls that are automatically recorded or Record on Demand. Muting is triggered when using the native Teams app, maintaining full recording integrity.

  • Recording Profiles: Ability to apply custom recording rules to various groups within the organization, including but not limited to the choice to only record PSTN, queues and ‘specific calls, not internal calls or to record only calls with external parties.

  • Record or restrict recording of specific meetings: Recording activation can be tied to the meeting organizer and the subject line keyword, or only to the subject line keyword object. Meeting categories can also be used to enable recording.

  • Notifications: Provides authorized users with the ability to dynamically control recording notifications by group.

About IXCloud for Teams

IXCloud for Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based interaction recording solution developed by Numonix, the innovator of capture technologies. Built on Azure’s runtime services framework, IXCloud enables users to record with integrity, delivering hyper-scalability, instant security and compliance, and the benefits of data sovereignty. Taking interaction capture into the future, IXCloud redefines versatility, providing the ability to record, store and analyze interactions in the cloud. Its API framework also enables application development.

IXCloud for Microsoft Teams has many advantages, including:

  • Fully managed and native Azure Software-as-a-Service

  • Ability to natively record audio, video and screen sharing

  • No hardware or software footprint within the enterprise

  • No server management or maintenance required within the company

  • Compliant with GDPR, MiFID II, HIPAA standards with integrated registration notifications and 256-bit encryption

  • Compliance assurance with encryption, call search and playback restrictions, signing for validation, audit trail, change tracking and more.

  • Resources for performance reviews, including scoring and reporting.

  • Data securely stored in a choice of over 15 Azure data center regions, helping to ensure compliance with data sovereignty requirements

  • Specific recordings based on the organization of the meeting and/or a specific keyword in the subject line of a meeting invitation

  • Secure and easy access to recordings

  • Ability to scale instantly to support business growth

Numonix has met Microsoft’s requirements for co-selling status. Numonix’s IXCloud offering on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource received a Microsoft Preferred Solutions badge.

For detailed information about IXCloud for Microsoft Teams, please visit

About Numonix

Numonix offers the industry’s most versatile cloud-based and on-premises interaction recording solutions for Microsoft® Teams, SIPREC and most Unified Communications and PBX systems, giving business users and departments versatility in how which they record, centrally store and access their interactions. With comprehensive omnichannel recording of voice, video, chat, screen and screen sharing, Numonix enables organizations to improve regulatory compliance, resolve disputes and improve user experience. customer by granting protected access to their records and agent/customer data. Numonix RECITE® interaction recording solution provides users with an on-premises solution with extensive customization options, while Numonix IXCloud provides the ultimate cloud-based communication capture platform, based on the service framework of the company. running Azure and requiring no physical or virtual server. Numonix is ​​based in Boca Raton, Florida. Visit

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