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LIMASSOL, CYPRUS / ACCESSWIRE / March 17, 2022 /Notix, a high-tech, multi-functional push notification service for audience engagement, user retention and monetization, announces a new feature for in-app notification delivery. Notix partners will have the opportunity to communicate with their customers in a new way – by sending messages within mobile applications, which can become an effective step in their multi-channel marketing strategy. The feature will be available for Notix users in April 2022.

Why should marketers pay attention to in-app strategy Notix?

As Statista reports, mobile accounts for almost half of all web traffic worldwide with 54.4% of global traffic generated in Q4 2021.

Experts also claim that users prefer mobile apps for activities such as watching video content, accessing social media and using email. As such, in-app notifications have huge potential for content visibility and user engagement: website owners and marketers can share their own content and notify audiences about stories important, new versions of the application, etc.

The Notix team is assured that multi-channel marketing strategies are the most effective and profitable. At Notix, marketers can use up to three channels: web push, mobile app push (when the push is sent to users’ notification centers and aims to send them back to the app) and In-app push notifications that engage users directly in the app. .

One of the most important features provided by Notix’s new in-app notifications technology is the ability to target users by categories, which ensures a higher level of push notification relevance. Precise targeting by categories is a way to zoom in on your audience, as it takes into account aspects such as country, region, city, device, custom user groups and other statistical data on the app users.

“Users have different online behaviors. Some of them prefer to check content through browsers or watch entertaining content online, while others prefer to do the same things in apps. Multi-channel marketing that includes app notifications can help marketers to grab user’s attention in some way Using more platforms helps marketers reach their target audience and increases the chances of getting better connections and more leads.”Karina Arkhangelskaya, CEO of Notix.

While the push notifications service previously provided by Notix can help marketers reach users who prefer to use browsers for their online business, the application helps cover a much larger segment that also includes users of apps.

For more information about new features and the service of Notix as a whole, please contact the company’s support team.

About Notix

Notix is ​​a full-fledged platform for delivering web push notifications and mobile apps. The company provides website owners with many features to ensure successful user engagement and re-engagement. The list of services includes parallel testing with other platforms, audience migration and segmentation, accurate real-time tracking, and subscriber monetization.


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