NEXT-SYSTEM implements AI pose estimation engine in “IETORE” application



NEXT-SYSTEM has implemented its independently developed AI pose estimation engine “VisionPose” in its app “IETORE”, and thus shows how the AI ​​engine can be used in apps for smartphones and tablets.

​​​​​​​“IETORE” automatically counts the number of user’s training movements through artificial intelligence, capturing the user’s whole body on the smartphone camera. The updated version 1.6.0 of the app adds a new posture measurement function “Posedemo” to the existing AI-based motion meter. Thanks to this feature, it is now possible to easily measure postural distortions with a simple smartphone.

The lack of exercise due to confinements and the diversification of work styles has become a problem of society, and in this context “IETORE” has been developed with the aim of alleviating the lack of exercise of people. Since there is no need to count, the user can focus on training at their own pace without worrying about counting mistakes. Correct training is supposed to be effective in improving posture, and using the new “Posedemo” feature, the user can reveal their skeletal distortions with numerical values ​​and visually check the results of their daily training.

What is “IETORE” app

“IETORE” is an AI motion counter application that automatically counts the number of repetitive movements, such as squats, based on human skeleton information detected by “VisionPose”, an AI pose estimation engine. By simply capturing the whole body on the camera of a smartphone or tablet, the number of workouts will be counted aloud in real time, automatically and at the pace of the user.

All the user has to do is start the app, take a full body photo with their smartphone or tablet camera and select a rep workout menu, which will automatically counted by the application. The user can choose a workout menu with a vertical phone view (squats, lunges, barbell curls, and side raises) or a horizontal phone view (push-ups, sit-ups). During exercise, the app will automatically set a timer and count calories burned. The user can also set up a workout schedule and track their daily workouts, create a profile to track their weight, as well as record their workout on video and share it with friends.

This app is recommended for users who want to focus on their workout, as it is voice counted in real time, freeing them from the “hassle” of counting themselves. It also allows them to practice while watching TV or listening to music.

See what it looks like in the following video:


What is the new “Posedemo” feature?

“Posedemo” is a new posture measurement feature added in this latest version of “IETORE”. It automatically detects a person’s skeletal information with numerical values ​​by capturing the whole body on their smartphone camera, allowing the user to check postural distortions. 16 points can be measured by simply taking pictures in the following three postures:

  • standing posture
  • forward leaning posture
  • upright sitting position (on a chair or bed)

After the measurement, the user can see his postural distortion in detail. Since the measurement data is stored on the device, the user can compare it with past data whenever they want.

Specifications and system requirements

  • App Name: IETORE
  • Category: Health/Fitness
  • Supported OS: iOS 13.0 and newer models
  • Price: Free
  • AppStore: IETORE – AI Workout Counter – on the App Store (

Recommended devices

  • iPhone XS/XS MAX/XR
  • iPhone 11~
  • iPhone SE (2020)
  • iPad mini (5th〜)/Air(3rd~)/Pro 11 inch (1st~)/Pro 12.9 inch (3rd~)
  • iPad(8th〜)

*We recommend using a device with an A12 processor or higher.

Basic functions

・Automatic counting of repetitive workouts
・Voice counting function
・Creating a training program
・Record training data (calendar format and bar graph format)
・Automatic calorie calculation
・Position measurement function
・Video recording function
・Share function

Commentary from our engineers

The newly added “Posedemo” feature is just one of the services we want to help make society healthier. We will continue to use the most advanced AI technology to solve problems while monitoring the needs and reactions of our customers in anticipation of any possible future. We hope to contribute to the creation of a better society by using these technologies. Our goal is to provide health care support so everyone can maintain a healthy lifestyle even during times when you can’t leave home.

What is Vision Pose?

VisionPose is an AI pose estimation engine that detects human skeletal information on real-time camera footage, stills, and video, without the need for markers or special equipment. The AI ​​is able to detect skeletal information of 30 key points in 2D and 3D in real time and comes with two ready-to-use applications in addition to the SDK, so the user can start the analysis immediately after having configured his PC.

As a complete SDK package, it has already been applied to various fields of development and research, and has been implemented by more than 250 customers in Japan. Sales outside Japan started with two products, VisionPose Standard for Windows C# and C++, and the number of supported platforms will also be expanded sequentially for Linux/iOS/Jetson.


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