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(WSVN) – You know that saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Well, it’s true! For a composer, all junk is precious, and this Friday, he’s using junk to bring the funk when Miami’s New World Symphony performs his piece: “Junkestra.”

Excerpt from the film “Robots”: “Well, here’s our happy ending… No, it’s a fusion of jazz and funk. It’s called “junk!” » »

And that is exactly what “Junkestra” is! Well, sort of.

It’s a musical group made up entirely of garbage collected from the San Francisco landfill.

Nathaniel Stookey, composer of “Junkestra”: “It never occurred to me in my wildest dreams that this garbage would end up in flight cases and shipped everywhere.”

The piece comes from the mind of Nathaniel Stookey after discovering an artist-in-residence program at his local landfill.

Nathaniel Stookey: “They gave me this cart to pick up trash, and I just walked around the floor and started picking things up and patting them to see what kind of sound they made.”

He picked up things like bottles, pipes, bits of deck railings, and a rusty old saw… to name a few.

Playing instruments made out of trash isn’t as easy as it looks…

Joe DeSotelle: “I play a set of chimes. It’s hard to do… you know. You usually don’t have much control. You use both hands…and, you know, be very particular, but not with that. You have to do what goes with it.

But even if it is not easy, it is no less impressive.

Jenny Marasti: “It’s been a really cool experience getting in those trunks, taking them out, and it’s like, ‘Oh, that looks like shit but it actually sounds really good!'”

Audiences will get a chance to hear these unusual sounds at the New World Symphony tomorrow night and the Dean of Instrumental Performance says it’s a show people won’t want to miss.

Michael Linville: “There are elements in this piece that are extremely rewarding for the audience to be able to see musicians playing on these crazy objects that you wouldn’t think could actually produce beautiful sounds, but they do.”

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