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ASUSWRT 2022 News

ASUS made quite a big evolution in the Asuswrt firmware, however, where they got a complete revolution is in the ASUS Router app for android and iOS devices, incorporating a large number of advanced configuration options. If you want to know everything your ASUS router will have soon, or what it currently has if you have one of its compatible routers or WiFi Mesh, then we’ll show you all the details.

New Ethernet port status icons

One of the improvements is that now the official firmware of ASUSWRT us will indicate the status of the Ethernet ports, all routers have at least Gigabit Ethernet ports, so it will appear green if it is syncing at 1Gbps. In the case of syncing at a higher speed, such as 2.5G or 10G, then we will see the sync speed just below the green icon. We also have other states such as “warning” if there is a problem, or “disconnected” if we have no cable connected. In these menus we can also see the status of the USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 port that the router integrates.

A very important aspect is that we can also see this same information of the AiMesh nodes in the corresponding menu, in this way we can see at all times the rest of the other Mesh nodes that we have in the mesh WiFi network, with the objective of know at all times what is happening on the network.

DNS blocking over TLS and DoH if desired

For a while, the Asuswrt Merlin firmware has integrated support for DNS over TLS, one of the most important protocols to protect our privacy and security on the Internet. Now that the official ASUS firmware has also integrated this functionality, we will be able to choose to use DNS over TLS without any problem from the Internet WAN menu.

An important aspect is that we have a assign button to choose the main DNS servers, without having to configure it manually, which will be very useful. In case you want to put a custom DNS, we can also do it because we have a “Manual DNS” section to put the IP addresses of the DNS servers we want.

VPN Server and VPN Fusion: the revolution

The menu of VPN servers and VPN clients has been a real revolution, now we have a completely new and different settings menu. In this new configuration menu, we have a total of four VPN protocols:

  • PPTP (not secure)
  • OpenVPN
  • IPsec-VPN
  • WireGuard

The menus related to the OpenVPN server have changed slightly, we still have the option of choosing the basic (general) configuration or accessing the real advanced configuration, where we can configure every last parameter of the router. In this “General” menu we can configure the port, the RSA certificate and if we want it to tunnel the Internet connection or only access the local network. Of course, we can add different VPN clients for them to connect.

The OpenVPN advanced menu is almost the same as always, but now some settings are only available in the “Custom settings” section, but this is not a problem for “advanced” users who want to configure maximum security in this server OpenVPN. Either way, with WireGuard VPN being faster and one of the most secure with less advanced settings, we’re sure that now OpenVPN will take a back seat.

In the IPSec VPN section we will be able to see all the general details and also the advanced configuration of the router, in this case we have exactly the same configuration options as always, nothing has changed in this regard.

Most notable is the incorporation of the Wireguard protocol for VPN, thanks to this protocol, we will be able to connect quickly and securely to the server, with the aim of accessing the Internet through the router or only having access to the home network. In this case, we will be able to configure this protocol in an advanced way, and add a maximum of 10 clients so that they can connect simultaneously.

The addition of these new menus and the new WireGuard protocol is a clear revolution in ASUSWRT, because they have completely changed this menu.

In the case of FusionVPN, we are also facing a complete revolution because all the available configuration menus have changed. We will be able to add different client profiles, both PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, HMA (Hide My Ass) as well as WireGuard. That is, it supports all protocols except IPsec. Thanks to these new menus, we will be able to save different profiles so that the different clients can access the Internet through one VPN or another, or they can access the Internet directly through the Internet connection.

Finally, Instant Guard has now been updated, improving communication security, and we will also be able to monitor in detail who is connected to our VPN server with the application.

As you can see, ASUS has integrated a complete revolution in its VPN services for its routers and WiFi Mesh, which is great news for those of us who love security and want to connect to VPN whenever we’re away.

Automatic firmware updates

We can now configure firmware updates to be performed fully automatically at a certain time. The router or WiFi Mesh will detect if there is a new firmware version and at the configured time it will automatically download and install this new firmware version.

Other competitors of the manufacturer already had this feature, and now it has finally reached ASUS routers and WiFi Mesh, to always take advantage of the latest security improvements, fixed bugs and also new features that are incorporated.

Other improvements

Other improvements incorporated into the ASUS router are the ability to activate a Captcha to make it extremely difficult for bots to hack the router’s admin account. This way we can significantly limit unauthorized access from brute force or dictionary attacks.

ASUS Router app improvements

The ASUS Router app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets is gradually becoming indispensable. At first it was only used to install and start the router or WiFi Mesh, in addition to being able to monitor certain aspects of the router and being able to configure some very basic options. Now most of the actions that we can perform through the web can also be performed through the application for mobile devices. The ASUS Router app is available for Android and iOS, you can download it here:


The novelties that ASUS has incorporated for the compatible routers are the following:

  • One-Click Security Scan: We can now perform a full security scan of our router via AiProtection Pro. It is not necessary to access through the web and perform the security scan, but we can do it directly through the application.
  • VPN management from mobile: all the options that we have seen previously from Fusion VPN, we have also made them available in the mobile application, with the aim of being able to easily configure VPN clients with the application.
  • Important Notices: We will now be able to receive important notifications about new connected devices and much more.
  • Parental control: from the application we can now configure parental controls in detail, we do not need to enter the administration of the router via the web if we need to configure it in a very advanced way. We will be able to configure different profiles by age, we will also be able to configure an automatic blocking scheduler, and even very specific content filtering for minors.
  • New application themes: We can now choose different themes in the application, selecting a game red, a blue tone, a very elegant white tone and finally a completely black one. Depending on our tastes, we can choose one or the other without problem.

In the ASUS Router application we will also be able to see the same graphical user interface of the status of the Ethernet ports, it will appear both in the router and in the WiFi Mesh system that we have.

What models are currently supported by ASUSWRT 2022?

Currently, ASUSWRT 2022 is available in very few models, but ASUS is working to roll out this important new version to various routers, both low-end, mid-range, and high-end. The models that support this new version with all the new features are:

  • Zen WiFi XT9
  • GT-AXE11000
  • RT-AX88U
  • RT-AX86U
  • RT-AX86U Pro
  • RT-AXE7800

As you can see, not only the latest models are compatible with this new firmware, very old models (but they still work very well, because they are high end) like the RT-AX88U or the RT-AX86U support this new firmware. Soon, ASUS will expand this compatibility to add more models.

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