New Microsoft Designer app brings DALL-E-like AI art to everyone



Among the new creative tools announced for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge and Bing on Wednesday is Microsoft Designer, an AI-powered app that lets you start with a concept and let technology do most of the development work. a creative project.

Microsoft Designer is based on artificial intelligence technology similar to DALL-E 2, which was created by OpenAI. The text-to-art generator recently became available to the public after a popular waitlist period following its launch in April 2022.

Microsoft Designer will work for more than image development. You’ll be able to create social media posts, invitations, digital postcards or graphics, among other creative projects with the AI-powered app. Similar to DALL-E, you can describe in text the project you want to complete, and the Microsoft Designer app will generate a “totally unique…consistent, aligned, properly scaled” result, Microsoft said in a statement.

Microsoft Designer also lets you add more design ideas, such as images or text to AI-generated content with a single click. From there, you can share designs however you want within the app, either directly on social media platforms or with friends, downloading them for later use.

Also inspired by PowerPoint, the Microsoft Designer app is reminiscent of how you create a presentation. The app will give you design options depending on the type of content you’re trying to develop, and Microsoft claims to have over eight billion registered slide designs from customers already using PowerPoint, with more to come.

You can sign up for a free web preview of Microsoft Designer starting Wednesday. Microsoft is giving users the opportunity to try out the app and provide feedback to the brand. At this time, the Microsoft Designer preview will not include all of the features planned for the application.

Microsoft hasn’t shared the app’s release date for general availability, but when it does, it will be available in both free and premium versions. Premium features will be available to Microsoft 365 Personal and Family subscribers.

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