New Love, Death + Robots Volume 3 Trailer Features David Fincher’s First Anime Directing Work (Video)


Prepare to be amazed by the stunning animated visuals of the “Love, Death + Robots” Volume 3 trailer, which dropped on Netflix on Monday.

Volume 3 of the series, from executive producers Tim Miller and David Fincher, will span nine episodes. Some discover an ancient evil, while others a comical apocalypse. The show will tell fantasy, horror, and sci-fi stories throughout its third series.

In his first job directing animation, Fincher directs the episode “Bad Traveling” (yes, two L’s). Here is its synopsis: “A jable shark hunting sailboat is attacked by a giant crustacean whose size and intelligence are matched only by its appetite. Mutiny, betrayal and ventriloquism with a corpse… welcome aboard David Fincher’s first animated film.

Other episodes include “Three Robotos: Exit Strategies”, from director Patrick Osborne; “The Very Pulse of the Machine,” by director Emily Dean; “Night of the Mini Dead,” from directors Robert Bisi and Andy Lyon; “Kill Team Kill,” from director Jennifer Yuh Nelson; “Swarm,” helmed by Miller; “Mason’s Rats” by director Carlos Stevens; “In Vaulted Halls Entombed”, directed by Jerome Chen; and “Jibaro”, by director Alberto Mieglo.

Nelson is the supervising director of the Emmy-winning series.

The series returns on May 20 on Netflix.

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