New Google Play Store rules complicate the question of what app content is appropriate where you live


Will someone not think of the children?

What is deemed appropriate for children differs around the world, and new restrictions coming to the Google Play Store may mean that some apps designed for children are not available in all regions. An update for Android app developers may mean they have to remove their apps from sale in certain regions if their content is deemed inappropriate.

This is part of the April 2022 Developer Program Policy Update. Google’s announcement message reads: “Your app’s child-accessible content must be appropriate for children. If your app contains content that is not globally appropriate, but that content is deemed appropriate for child users in a particular region, the app may be available in that region but will remain unavailable in other regions.”


What makes an app inappropriate isn’t clarified by this announcement, but it looks like Google will have different rules depending on the region itself. So it’s hard to know exactly how Google will use it, and only time will tell until we see specific use cases.

However, each region differs significantly when it comes to age restrictions. For example, Telegram on the Play Store in Germany comes with an age limit of 18+, while in the UK it comes with a parental guidance disclaimer without any rules. closed. Although it is not an application designed specifically for children, it could be useful for some children, but is considered inappropriate, depending on the region.

App developers will have to follow these new rules by May 11, 2022 (a 30-day grace period) or risk having their app removed from the Play Store.

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